A List Of Best Places To Stay In Tulum

By on March 18, 2020

Though many of our longtime favourite hotels have closed due to recent land disputes (so long sweet Coqui Coqui, Villa las Estrellas, and Uno Astro Lodge), many wonderful ones remain — plus a host of new options. Below, some are awesome and best places to stay in tulum for you.


This newbie is located on the far south end of the beach on the remote stretch of land that formerly housed Hotel Mestizo. Now it is under the same management as nearby Be Tulum and offers a somewhat more bohemian experience. The hotel’s beachfront huts, luxury tents, and jungle villas have a beachy, world traveller vibe, while the hotel’s main restaurant Maconda is vaguely Moroccan with communal seating, tasselled light fixtures, and layers of patterned rugs and floor pillows. Daily yoga, breakfast, use of the gratitude tent, and bikes are included in your stay. Now let us have a quick look at some of the best places to stay in tulum.


Luv is a classic place to stay in Tulum, with twelve charming Mayan-style rooms. All the rooms have private bathrooms and electricity (which, unbelievably, is sometimes still a rarity on the beach) and many have awesome outdoor seating areas: either a little porch facing the ocean or a shaded terrace with garden views. Luv’s restaurant is pretty sweet, too: The colourful, embroidered Mexican pillows that line the benches in the outdoor breakfast area are particularly cute.  If you stay here, try to nab one of the suspended bed loungers under The giant palms on the beach. It is the perfect place for a catnap.


Encantada is one of the prettiest and most grown-up hotels on the best places to stay in tulum valley, beach. All eight rooms in this well-designed hotel are super gorgeous and tranquil. Think bright-white linens, gauzy mosquito nets, embroidered pillows, and private balconies with views of the sea. Even if you do not stay at Encantada, its restaurant is well worth a visit. Painted hues of blue and decorated with traditional Mexican pottery and crafts, it is an especially peaceful spot to grab a snack, or, on Sundays, build your own Bloody Maria. There is also a really gorgeous spa on the premises. This hotel is all about blissed-out vibes, so they have a strict no kids’ policy.  It is on the pricier side (for Tulum) but well worth it.


Though the sleek white decor and minimalist aesthetic at this new hotel, best cheap places to stay in tulum and spa are undeniably gorgeous, the vibe can feel a tad LA, so, if you are looking for a more “traditional” Tulum experience, you may want to book elsewhere. However, if you are looking for a robust wellness program and unique spa services (craniosacral therapy, crystal healing), Sanara is definitely the place to be. The yoga studio — an airy, glass-walled space with ocean views — is one of the most beautiful places to practice on the beach (short of, you know, just on the actual beach.)


This lovely, nine-room mini-hotel might be one of the favorite places to stay anywhere. Though it opened in early 2016, it feels quintessentially Tulum. This is also one of the best affordable places to stay in tulum with your friends and family.


For the ultimate old school Tulum experience (affordable, simple, wonderful), stay at Playa Mambo. The front restaurant and beach bar have recently been renovated.


In the Tulum city of Mexico, there are many hotels and villas for staying. Some hotels have few special features that the other hotels or lodges do not have. Therefore, aroma hotel is a very good option to stay in tulum.  It is one of the best places to stay at in tulum to spend your time.

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