Are wetsuits a good option for surfing bathing suits?

By on March 1, 2020

The wave riders need to stay comfortable with their surfing swimwear. Otherwise, they cannot enjoy the sport’s adventures. For this, they need a perfect suit for surfing while bikinis are the most popular and traditional dress for this task.

But now, we have several options that can beat the comfort level of the bikini. Surfing is all about jumping, paddling and playing with powerful waves. So there is no other choice instead of a comfortable and fit surfing bathing suit

The wetsuits are getting more popular from last few years ago in terms of swimwear. The reason is that it can reduce the chances of wardrobe malfunction. It is because of its vast coverage functionality.

There are a lot of advantages to wetsuits that we are going to discuss in this article. We will also perform as the best guide to purchase the wetsuit. No wonder, you are a surfer, and you are interested in a wetsuit. That’s why you are here. You probably have a lot of questions related to wetsuit-like its types, sizes, comfort level and many more.

Do not take so much stress because you have arrived at the absolute right place. We assure you that you are going to get all the answers related to bathing suit surfer women

Which types of wetsuit are more popular as surging bathing suits?

There are several popular types available of wetsuits that one can choose according to the water and weather conditions. The models have their pros and cons as listed below.

Wetsuit vest:

The vest is good to get a bit more coverage and will give you protection from chilled winds. The vest wetsuits can be an excellent choice for the summer season. It generally appears in 2 to 3mm thickness which is exceptionally comfortable.

Pros: let your chest hairs hide. 

Cons: if your arm’s muscles are weak, then it is not the right choice for you.


Jackets are warmer as compared with a vest. It appears in full sleeve length so it can offer additional warmth in the chilled water to the upper half of your body. The jacket wetsuits are made of 1mm and 2mmthick materials, so it can be considered a comfortable one while surfing.

  • Pros: no worry if underarms are not shaved 
  • Cons: the zippers can be proved as an uncomfortable addition. 

Short john:

The short john is a set of vest and long sized bottom. It can cover your torso and provide more warmth. If you are interested in getting chill off during dawn patrol surf, then it can prove as an ideal choice for you. One does not have to worry about how much the sun is higher; they still stay warm.

  • Pros:  if you have strong muscles, then expose it by wearing short john wetsuit as surfing bathing suits. 
  • Cons: It is not suitable for a massive summer.

Long john: 

If you want full-body coverage and only want to expose your arms, then long john wetsuits are the perfect one. It is also ideal for chilled water because of its warmth. It is one of the comfortable bathing suits for paddling.

  • Pros: No worry for any embarrassment because your body is covered.
  • Cons: Not ideal for people who want to expose their body.

Spring suit:

The spring suits are mostly similar with short john wetsuit. The only difference is it contains half or full sleeves to provide more coverage. 

Pros: Great choice to avoid sunburn.

Cons: The style level is reduced

Short arm steamer:

As its name reflects, it is mainly to stay warm in chilled water. It is made of with two or 3mm neoprene and covers the trunk and legs. Your forearms will still be exposed after wearing short arm steamer.

  • Pros: Ideal for paddling.
  • Cons: If your four arms are skinny, then avoid it.

Full suit:

It is also known as long arm steamer. One can choose the thickness as per the weather conditions. If you are surfing during summers, then go with 2mm or 3mm wetsuit and if the weather is chilled then go with 4mm, 5mm and 6mm surfing bathing suit.  

  • Pros :

The warm functionality will help you to stay in the water longer than your mates.

  • Cons :

The thicker one will be an uncomfortable choice for paddling. 

Now have a look at some of the purchasing tips!


The wetsuits come in various formats like MT, S, L, XL, and XXL. You know very well that only the perfect fit will allow you to surf quickly. So, it is good to have a look at the size chart and then measure your body shape like chest, thighs, booties, waist and especially height to get the perfect match.

If you didn’t get the ideal size, then avoid it to keep yourself safe from any difficulty.


As you have read in the wetsuit types section, it is ideal for staying warm in chilled water. But it is essential to cross the weather conditions and temperature level of the water. It is because the thicker stuff will also be uncomfortable if the temperature is beyond your expectations.


Stitching is also a significant factor that needs to pay attention to. The perfect surfing bathing suit is got stitched by many ways like over locking, blind stitching, flat locking, liquid taped and spot taped. Only the stitching techniques can ensure warmth and flexibility.


Brand doesn’t always matter. It is because while surfing, you need comfort rather than style. So always go for the great fabrics and thickness. But still, if you are buying a wetsuit then Quicksilver, Rip Curl and O’Neill are some of the popular brands in terms of comfort level.

Last lines of these wetsuit purchasing guide:

Wetsuits are superb and have been proven as an excellent choice from many surfers. Nut the wrong sized suit and the thicker ones can be uncomfortable. Therefore do not go with famous brands, only concentrate on size, fabric and weather conditions.

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