Best Indonesian Restaurants Near Selamat Pagi, Brooklyn

By on March 16, 2020

We moved to Greenpoint exactly three days before boarding a plane to Bali. Three weeks later, we returned back to Brooklyn jet-lagged and sun kissed and wishing we could eat more of the delicious dishes we discovered while away. So, imagine our delight when we realized that we need to search restaurants near Salamat Pagi, one of New York’s best Indonesian restaurants, was literally one block away from our new place.

Since then, adorable Selamat Pagi has become one of our favorite neighborhood spots. We love the vine-covered exterior, the ivory-painted tin walls, the pale wood bar, the sweet service, and — of course — the super tasty Indonesian treats. We mostly visit for brunch, when we can linger over turmeric tonics and Sriracheladas (a Michelada-inspired cocktail made of rice beer and Sriracha) and soak in the relaxing vibes. It’s a damn fine way to start the day. Which makes perfect sense — Selamat Pagi means “Good Morning” in Indonesian. 

Some Restaurants Near Selamat Pagi:

There are many restaurants near Salamat Pagi and those are most compelling restaurants of the city. The restaurants are famous for seafoods and seafish. Now let’s discuss about some restaurants near Selamat Pagi:

1. Le Fanfare:

This restaurant located at the northern end of Geenpoint and it is the neighborhood of Selamat Pagi. Le Fanfare is run by the Luca and Giorgia Fadda who are husband and wife. They have been serving rustic Italian foods and others menus since 2014. The solid meaty mains, gusty hanger steak, and handmade pastas amuse you with deliciousness. Here one of the tastiest dishes is malloreddus with Berkshire pork sausage make the day of food lovers especial. The interior and the outdoor design of the restaurant are amazing with beautiful wall paintings, airy windows, fresh environment, etc. Here you can enjoy your evening with your partner adding some melodious music and delicious pasta.

2. Achilles Heel:

Achilles Heel is one of the best restaurants in Greenpoint and it warmly restored dockworkers from long times. Actually it is a non-restaurant that makes Brooklyn great. You may meet with a notable Chef Lee Desrosiers who supplement the delicious foods to its guests. This restaurant shares smoky effective traditional foods in small plates. Achilles Heel offers homemade tangy ferments, off-cuts meats, and seasonal vegetables. It also offers wine, cocktails, local suds and so on. Spending times in this restaurant with family gives you special memory.

3. Paulie Gee’s:

Paulie Gee’s is known as wood-fired pizza restaurant since its opening day. It provides different types of pizzas with pepperoni, mozzarella, olive oil, fresh chopped garlic, Romano cheese, vegan, sauce and other species. The sesame seeds crust the pizza and gives incredible fluffy shape. Paulie Gee’s gives free delivery services and this is immediate service. So if you want then you can visit here with your kids.

4. chez Ma Tante:

Chez Ma Tante is new opened French- Canadian restaurant in 2017 and two person made this bistro and they are Jake Leiber and Aidan O’Neal. This restaurant is so simple and clean. It satisfied its customers with delicious foods service and vegetables ethereal lemon dressing. Here classical cocktails available for evening enjoyment.

5. El Born:

El Born is the local restaurant of Greenpoint and it opened the door in 2014. This restaurant offers happy hour to celebrate the moment with glasses of cava. It offers discount during the happy hours on foods recipes and drinks with its popularity. From this restaurant you get delicious seafood recipes. So when you visit to Greenpoint then also visit this restaurant.

Don’t Miss

Order whatever you want to eat from any restaurants near Salamat Pagi. You really can’t go wrong. We love the Red Lentil Curry, the Nasi Goreng, a classic Indonesian dish made with fried rice, greens, a Sunnyside-up egg, and temped or shrimp; the Spicy Beef Rendang, which is braised in coconut milk and comes with an egg and green papaya slaw; and the sticky black rice pudding with yogurt, mango and coconut. In warm weather, try to snag one of the two outdoor tables. Surrounded by bamboo and vines, you might almost forget you’re just on Driggs Ave.

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