Some Best Things To Do In San Juanillo, Costa Rica

Some Best Things To Do In San Juanillo, Costa Rica

By on March 12, 2020

It’s funny that even a super sleepy town like Playa Guiones can sometimes feel too busy, too big. Even though we were visiting at the front end of the rainy season — when the whole place practically shuts down — we suddenly found ourselves craving a more low-key vibe. So we headed north to San Juanillo.

Though it is just 12 miles north of Playa Guiones, San Juanillo feels a lot farther away. That’s probably because it takes so long to get there — about 45 minutes via quad — thanks to the region’s notoriously dusty, washed-out roads.

The best things to do in San Juanillo are:

Gacci’s Boat Tours:

Gacci's Boat Tours

Two sympathetic acolytes take you to sea on their boat. Among the possible outings, you can take the observation of marine fauna: find sea turtles, rays, even dolphins and whales for the lucky ones. By the way guides help you to take the opportunity to fish by letting their line drag – it causes untimely stops which are certainly picturesque but can also be little appreciated by travelers who paid the tour. You can also test the snorkeling outing. Guides help you to know about ten suitable places and adapt according to your level and your expectations (low with children and without diving under the surface concerning you). You can discover the underwater world and secure the expedition. The cooler is included (water, sodas, beer). A good family experience.

San Juanillo Beach:

San Juanillo Beach

This little beach is wonderful and great for kids. The calm and warm San Juanillo beach is great for snorkel. The bright morning of this beach gives you amazing views of different types of small areas from small distance of shore. San Juanillo beach gets very hot mid day, so it is better to come here with good preparation; take lots of water, shirt, water and hat. If you go early then you can get shades under a tree. Here you get street foods and various types of snacks. It is the form of double embayment. Beyond the beach you feel peaceful environment and your child can play with golden color sands of beach. There you get free parking areas.

La Tribu Stand up Paddle:

La Tribu Stand up Paddle

La Tribu Stand up Paddle invites you to discover the land that is still unknown to you. It is easy and safe way to explore it. If you are thinking to visit this place then be ready to gain lots of experience. The beauty of nature, the chirps of wild birds give you new experience. So get up early in the morning before sunrise and take a short trip through the jungle, watch beautiful beach where fishermen are catching their fish. Take fresh breath from the fresh air.

Boca Nosara Tours:

Boca Nosara Tours

Boca Nosara Tours can mesmerize your tour riding on horse through the jungle and also alone the beach. The nature of this land is spreading its beauty through the jungle and beach. It is perfect for girl’s holiday. Riding horse through the Boca Nosara is the great experience for beginners.

White Sand and Turquoise Water:

This beach provides you to see fishing boats that offers to see dolphin, turtle, whales etc. You can do painting and stepping on white sand, gently waves the water, enjoy watching the sunset until the last of the sunrays dip below the horizon.


The beach more than makes up for the trek — and the mouthfuls of airborne grit accumulated along the way. Nestled at the bottom of a hill at the edge of the village, are two secluded, white sand bays divided by a narrow strip of rugged land. It’s ridiculously scenic and almost surreal — the perfect place to while away the afternoon with a couple of six packs, nothing to do but watch the sea crash into the rocks or soak up the sun while floating in the tranquil waves below.