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Lacalita, Canggu

Of the many eye-catching little shops and restaurants on the road to Batu Bolong in Canggu, Lacalita Cantina is probably the coolest. From the street, it's all bright colors, warm wood, and moody vibes. Late afternoon, the sun casts a honey glow on the open-air patio, lighting up the whole place like some kind of supernatural happy hour beacon. "You NEED tequila," it seems to say. 

Turns out Lacalita is just as inviting once you get up close and inside, too. The deep pink walls that make up the interior walls are way prettier than pink walls ever should be, especially thanks to the intricate maze of surreal surf photos and trippy Mexican folk art that decorates them. A giant pomander made up of yellow and red tropical flowers dangles from a basketweave ceiling over the three-sided bar, while multi-colored Solair-style chairs line the long wood tables. We could have spent hours staring at the decor, if we hadn't been distracted by the endless flow of margaritas and funny company. 

We ordered well: Grilled corn w/ chipotle mayo and lime; Ahi Poke with soy dressing and avocado; Wild Mushroom, ricotta, and almond tacos; Carnitas tacos w/ pineapple salsa; Mexico Libre cocktails made w/ muddled vanilla, lime, sugarcane, tequila, and Coke; Jalapeno Margaritas. We did not make it to Lacalita's brunch, but the Sunday menu of breakfast burritos and huevos rancheros looks great. Plus: Bloody Marias.


get there

Take Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong (the road to Old Man's) towards the beach; Lacalita is on your right a couple blocks before you reach the beach entrance. It's pretty; You can't miss it.