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Burgers & Beers, Nosara

Sounds simple: Burgers and Beers serves burgers and beers. And that's it. But this spot on the north side of Playa Guiones is such a gem you'll want to hit it pretty much every day you're in Nosara, especially after a nice long surf session. You'll probably find yourself craving B&B long after you leave town, too — even if you don't normally fancy yourself a burger and beer connoisseur. 

The offering may be straightforward, but this place is anything but boring. That's because everything — including the sleek interior — at this little open-air restaurant is super intentional. Owner Victor Garita, who opened Burgers and Beers in early 2014 after moving to Nosara from San Jose, is super picky about the details — and it shows. He uses imported angus beef, organic veggies, and fresh-made potato rolls, and he designed each sandwich on the menu using classical culinary combinations. The Blue Cheese burger, for example, comes topped with arugula and caramelized onions, while The French is smothered with creamy Bearnaise sauce, bacon, and crushed potato chips. There's The Classic, an all-American concoction of cheese and crisp bacon, and — for those who prefer to avoid meat — a vegetarian "burger" made with a grilled portabella mushroom and topped with a mound of arugula and chevre. There's also a fish sandwich made with whatever was fresh-caught that day; one recent incarnation featured tuna, deep-fried plaintains, avocado, and tangy sesame sauce. All sandwiches are served up on a big slab of wood, Lumberjack style, with a side of thick-cut wedge fries.

Beers are the other star at B&B, and they're plenty tasty too. Garita prides himself on offering a constantly rotating lineup of hard-to-find Costa Rican craft brews on tap. Our favorite? Treintaycinco Tumba Calzones, a pink-hued, hibiscus-infused Saison from Escazu that is especially drinkable on one of those super-still, 95-degree Nosara days.