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Go Juice, Nosara

The food truck craze that's swept most big cities in North America has yet to make it to Nosara. The one exception? Go Juice, a pop-colored cart near the north entrance of Playa Guiones that sells Costa Rican coffee, fresh-pressed juices, and some of the tastiest tropical smoothies in town. 

Someone recently called Go Juice the Starbucks of Nosara. Very cute, but totally untrue — Go Juice is way cooler than any mass market coffee chain could ever be. Just one look at the perky little cart surrounded by surfboards and a baby vegetable garden should make that abundantly clear. Still, we get where the nickname came from: In just over a year, Go Juice has managed to become one of the neighborhood's favorite gathering spots. There may not be free wifi, but there's definitely coffee and a community vibe. 

Most of the good energy probably has a lot to do with Nick Fairman, Go Juice's owner; He's one of those guys that people just really like — he's friendly and welcoming and is always quick with a wave and a smile. Stop by when he's working the cart and he'll tell you how he grew up traveling to Nosara on surf trips with his dad, and after living a couple different places decided to make the move to the Nicoya Peninsula to set up shop. If you're extra nice, he may even give you a few surf pointers and let you in on one of his secret spots.

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While Go Juice is worth a visit for the fresh-made juices (Get the Hydro Blast, a super refreshing mix of watermelon, cucumber, celery,mint, and lime!) and the DIY Costa Rican coffee bar, there's one thing on the menu that causes a frenzy among those who know: the Poke Tico bowls. The Hawaiian-inspired dish is only available a couple times a week when the fishing boats come in, and is made of fresh-caught raw ahi tuna topped with avocado and sesame-soy dressing. It's delicious and in such high demand that it sells out at a record pace, so you better move fast.