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La Luna, Nosara

I don't remember much about the dinner I had at La Luna. I remember it was delicious, and I remember I had a lot of fun, but beyond that, the night is a blur.

That's because La Luna, perched on a bluff above Nosara's Playa Pelada, is the type of place you sort of want to save for a special occasion. And when you go, you might as well go all out. It's the prettiest restaurant in town — the only one on the beach. It has a pretty spectacular view, especially at sunset. There's seating both inside and out, and since each option is gorgeous in its own right — all white-washed furniture and flickering candles and golden sunlight — everybody sort of just wanders around between courses and cocktails taking it all in. The light is so good everywhere you go that even a regular old Tuesday night suddenly feels like some sort of mystical celebration, and it's pretty easy to get swept up in the moment.

We went to La Luna on one of our last nights in town, after we had already extended our trip another week and still didn't want to go home. We were ready to get swept up. There was a big group of us —  friends who live Nosara and friends who just happened to be there from New York; about ten or twelve of us in total. We drank and laughed and ate a ton, taking breaks only to run outside for glimpses of the slow crimson sun setting over the Pacific. It was one of those nights were the food is just one more delicious enhancement to what's happening in the moment — which, when you think about it, is really the best kind of food to eat anyway.


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Ceviche with avocado and plantain chips, fish tacos, wood-fired pizzas, the mezze plate with hummus, feta, and baba ganoush and homemade flatbread. Anything Mediterranean, actually — the chef is Israeli. La Luna also now serves breakfast seven days a week — we hear the shakshuka eggs are insane.