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Sari Organik, Ubud

It's not often that you have to hike through a rice paddy to get to lunch. Or, at least not often enough. But that's precisely what you have to do to get to Sari Organik, one of Ubud's most sought-after warungs. 

And we don't mean "sought-after" in the usual sense — though, there are plenty of people who make a point to eat there, us included. We simply mean that walking the winding, single-track path through the beautiful farm fields to get to the open-air cafe and farm can feel like a bit of a quest. 

It's a quest with a victorious ending, though — especially if you're a fan of really yummy, healthy food. Sari Organik serves up exactly the kind of cuisine you'd expect to find in an arts district popular with yogis and spiritual seekers: It's fresh, veggie-centric, and full of earthy, exotic flavors. Most of the ingredients are grown on-site in the restaurant's organic farm. 

We ordered smoothies made with avocado, mangoes, and bananas, green juices spiked with ground turmeric, and fresh coconuts pretty much as soon as we sat down on the pillow-strewn floor that makes up the main dining room. The smoothies tasted like ice cream. The other dishes we ordered were just as tasty: vegetable curry with homegrown potatoes, spinach, carrots, and cauliflower sprinkled with fried onions; vegetarian Nasi Campur with tofu and red rice; raw papaya salad.  If you're in the shopping mood, Sari Organik also sells a small selection of essential-oil infused natural beauty products, incense, and bamboo straws. (The rose-scented facial mist is especially attractive after your "hike"!)


how to get there

From Ubud market, walk down the main road towards the Campuhan Bridge. Before you get to the bridge but right after you pass Abangan Bungalow, you'll see a small path and a sign on the right for Sari Organik. Follow the little path up into the rice fields, watching out for motor bikes, and following the signs for Sari Organik. If you don't stop at one of the small shops or take too many pictures, in about 15 minutes you'll see the very lush entrance to Sari Organik on your left. Sari Organik is the name of the farm; the actual restaurant is called Warung Bodag Maliah — the sign at the entrance says both, so don't be confused, you're in the right place.