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La Bohemia, Todos Santos

By all accounts, Todos Santos boasts an obscene amount of photogenic sights — especially for such a tiny town. But somehow La Bohemia, a pequeno hotelito set a few blocks away from the historic district, still manages to stand out. Perhaps its the white-washed adobe casitas decorated with brightly embroidered Otomi fabric, or the pool lined with hand-painted tiles in the courtyard, or the fact that tiny yellow butterflies follow you every time you walk down the succulent-lined garden paths that wind around the property.  

But it's not just La Bohemia's kaleidoscope of prints and plants that had us wishing we could stay a little longer than the few days we'd planned. Erin and Andy, the hotel's owners, are among the sweetest people we met over the three weeks we stayed in Baja California Sur. When it was time to sat goodbye, we felt like we were leaving behind old friends — which, really, is always the best way to leave a place. 

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All the rooms are gorgeous but we recommend staying in one of the deluxe casitas — so super lovely. Though most of the time the town of Todos Santos is very quiet, you might want to bring earplugs; at night the neighborhood dogs run rampant through the streets barking and howling.