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How to Find Tulum's Secret Fish Shack

One of Tulum's best-kept secrets isn't really in Tulum at all — and thanks to a recent shout out in the New York Times, it's not much of a secret anymore either. 

Still, Chamico's, a no-frills fish shack perched on the edge of nearby Soliman Bay, is a must for anyone craving fresh-caught fish in an unbeatable setting. To get there from Tulum, drive northeast towards Playa del Carmen on 307 (past the ruins) until you see a sign on the right for Jashita Hotel. Take the right and keep driving until you can't go any further. (It'll be a while.) At the end of the road, you'll see a clearing studded with baby palm trees, a beached fishing boat, and some plastic tables surrounded by hammocks swaying in the breeze. Grab a seat and don't be all rushy-rushy about it either; someone will come out to take your order soon. When they do, order the whole fish, ceviche, and a couple of beers. Then sit back, take in the view, and prepare to enjoy one of the most memorable meals you'll ever have.