By on March 8, 2020

We had been in Cabarete for about a week when we decided we needed a break. We had been having fun — swimming and surfing and hanging out with friends — but we had not had much time alone. So we decided to drive 45 minutes west to Puerto Plata Dominican republic, the nearest “big” town, to do some exploring.

I am not sure what we were expecting to see in Puerto Plata, but we did not see it. The streets, the plaza, the sidewalks — all were nearly empty save for a few quiet souls. The sky above was thick with clouds, salt, and threatened to open at any moment. We wondered by rows and rows of run-down, candy-colored buildings snapping photos, barely speaking.

We transfixed by everything we saw: a flock of pigeons circling in formation over the church’s steeple, a cemetery overruns with chickens; a lone mule dressed up in his best party clothes. At an open-air market filled with produce stalls, we were the only shoppers. A man with eyes that crinkled up at the corners carved the meat out of a coconut and held it out for us to eat.

That was our very first time traveling together. It was Christmastime, and we had only just started dating a few months earlier. We did not really know each other. We were two ghosts floating into the unknown. The best places to visit in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic are many you just have to choose the places you want to go.

Few Reasons To Come Puerto Plata

If you are a travel lover and want to explore the world then you can choose this place to enjoy some times. Puerto Plata Dominican republic is a city in the north coast. The population of this city is very low. Mainly for the beaches, this place is very famous. Now I will provide you all the reasons why should we go there. Let us have a quick look on these.

1. The Dreamy Beaches Of Puerto Plata:

There are many beaches in Puerto Plata and most of beaches look like a dreamy place. The sea’s beauty and amazing natural sides of the beaches are the main reason to go there. The temperature in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic remains always balanced, not too hot and not too cold. Therefore, if you are a beach lover then you can select this place to spend your holidays.

2. The Foods Of Puerto Plata:

All types of fruits, vegan and seafood are available on this small city. There are many restaurants on the beach side to serve you the foods. One can see best hotels in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic also with varieties of ranges. One can also order for his or her favorite Mexican or Italian dishes for the meal.

3. For The Landscape And Adventure:

Here it is places you can take participate for the adventurous trips. There are many spots; you will have to go for, an adventure.  You can rest in the best places to stay in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic. There are also some landscapes, which told you the story of its own, and all the historic events about this place.

4. For The Friendliest People And The Creatures:

Another most jewel of this place is the people of here. The kind gesture of the people and their behavior is very impressive. The lifestyle Puerto Plata Dominican Republic is somehow very much of unique. The eco system of this small city is outstanding to watch.

5. Kite surfing Competition:

This city offers you many surprising adventure and games to play on the beach or beside any of the place. The ocean world Puerto Plata Dominican Republic, has told many secrets about the beaches and for the places. People are having some good times doing something that are enjoyable for them. Even the tropical Puerto Plata Dominican Republic city arranges a kite competition for the entire tourist to enjoy himself or herself.