A Complete Detail About The Hotel NEST, TULUM, Mexico

A Complete Detail About The Hotel NEST, TULUM, Mexico

By on March 16, 2020

A List Of Best Places To Stay In TulumAfter a long, busy season of travel and work, my stay at Nest was just what the doctor ordered. Small, quiet, and tucked way down on the less-developed south end of Tulum Beach, the hotel’s relaxed vibe and low-key charm immediately quelled any anxiety I had had about Tulum “not being the same.” As soon as I stepped on to the palm-shaded property, I felt like I would come home.

Made up of just twelve rooms spread between three small buildings connected by a winding pathway outlined by torches, the hotel Nest tulum feels more like a private beach house than a hotel. Maybe that has because that is exactly what it used to be. The hotel opened earlier this year and operated by a few former managers from nearby is hotel nest, Tulum. Their ultimate vision was to retain the private home feeling while combining their favorite elements of Be’s stellar service, and in that they’ve succeeded 100%. My room was located in the top floor of a circular tower, and with the two breezy balconies, white-meets-wood decor, numerous hammocks, and ocean views I felt like a very lucky, very tropical Rapunzel.

Breakfast is included in the stay, and it is as delicious as it is generous. It starts with a shot of fresh-squeezed lime juice and a shot of probiotics, plus juice, fresh fruit, coffee, almond milk, toast, and whatever you want to order from the kitchen — huevos rancheros, pancakes, eggs, yogurt, granola.  Also very generous is the hotel’s happy hour and its endless glasses of wine, beer, and mezcal. Be prepared to reign yourself in after mezcal number three or you may miss your hard-won Hartwood reservation. Not that, even I know from experience, or anything. The birds nest tulum, in the hotel is the attraction for the little kids.

Besides the very beautiful, very thoughtful decor (natural textiles, rustic wood furniture, fresh flowers, and incense) in the common areas and the hotel’s dreamy beach location, my favorite thing about Nest may have been the staff. They were attentive and welcoming, but never the slightest bit overbearing. I was traveling solo and spent a lot of time reading and writing in the lounge and on the beach and nest resort in tulum, and though we chatted occasionally and my drinks were somehow always magically full, I never once felt interrupted, rushed, or judged. It was heaven, dipping into that turquoise sea and returning to the beach to be alone with my thoughts, and — as I said earlier — exactly what the doctor ordered.

Privacy Of The Hotel

This hotel is very small and private. The simplicity and the multitudes of this hotel will help you to stay with comfort inside of the hotel.  There is a small food corner within the hotel, which is the nest restaurant, tulum. In this nest hotel, one will see a private atmosphere that impressed their guests to visit again in this hotel.

Locality Of The Hotel Nest

People who are remain beside the hotel lead a simple lifestyle. They deep heritage and extraordinary experiences of the local people will amaze by their livelihood. You can even see the boutique hotel nest, tulum around the local side of this hotel. The foods, crafts and furniture of this hotel make with the help of the local people.

Nature Of The Hotel, Nest

Beside the hotel, you will find the dense forest and clear sea water, which is clear. Even there is a white sand beach in front of the hotel. Almost more than hundred different kinds of species are there in the jungle. To get a room and to stay in this hotel booking nest tulum, from online process.

Atmosphere Of The Hotel, Nest

Whenever you visit this hotel for the first time, you will feel a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere within the hotel. One can easily get all the foods, drinks, shops, and restaurant and explore the natural scenery of our nature mother. There is a nest tulum pool, within the hotel nest.