Chasing The Sunset In Sian Ka’an

Chasing The Sunset In Sian Ka’an

By on March 5, 2020

On our first trip to Tulum, we picked up a hitchhiker on the road from town. She was from Spain and had been living in Tulum pueblo for a few months. We compared travel notes and after a few minutes she asked, “Have you seen the sunset from Sunset In Sian Ka’an Cesiak?”

Cesiak. The word hung in the air. It is so lovely. We had not heard of it. “What’s Cesiak?”

“It’s in the reserve. It’s magical,” the hitchhiker said.

A few days later, we pulled ourselves away from the beach with an hour of daylight to spare, hopped in our rental car, our hair, and faces still sticky from the sea. We drove to end of Tulum’s beach road to the stone archway that marks the entrance to the Sian Ka’an reserve. “She said to go through the arches, right?” We eyed the narrow dirt road and thick jungle ahead of us. To our right, the sun was getting lower in the sky.

We moved forward, though the road ahead was bumpy and super muddy. It was slow going. The light was fading. Then, just as we were about to give up, we saw a weathered sign partly obscured by palms. Cesiak.

We parked and sprinted up the forested path. A tall, white building, like something out of Santorini, loomed above us. We bounded up the stairs to at a time, making it to the roof just as the sun was about to hit the horizon. Ahead of us was the thin Punta Allen peninsula, and to the left, the vast Caribbean.

To the right, swallows flitted over the surface a deep blue lagoon. Beyond that, just wild skies and jungle stretching out as far as the eye could see. It was windy and quiet. The sun disappeared, and the sky glowed orange. Below us, the trees lit up with the twinkling lights of a million fireflies.

We got back into our car and headed back to Tulum. We turned the headlights off, watching the fireflies as the zoomed past our windshield in the dark. We drove back to Tulum feeling like we were in a Star Trek video game. In addition, yeah, it was magical.

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

Another attraction of this Sian ka’an beach is a biosphere reserve. The natural beauty of this biosphere reserve will take your all attention towards it. Here in this biosphere, you will find many spices of flora and fauna. All the nature lovers people will love this place for its beauty. It is like a natural treasure to explore. One can see many birds on the side of the reserve. But, there are few things that one should know about the Sian ka’an biosphere reserve. Let us see those facts about the biosphere.

1. Hugh Area:

The all reserve area takes many acres and it is quite big beside the coral side. Within the ocean, you can find small islands also. The pleasant atmosphere will give you some relaxing time if you visit the place once. Chasing the sunset in sian ka’an biosphere is an awesome view from the beach.

2. Multiple Ecosystems Within One Place:

A wide range of property covers forests, coastline, mangroves, corals, and marine area and sea-grass beds. The dense forest, marshland, and mangroves are very hard to access. The entire ecosystem one will found within this place. The greenery of the dense forest balances the total ecosystem and maintains a peaceful atmosphere in the forest.

3. Many Animals Live Here:

Within this spot, you will find some amazing animal’s existence. One can see a different type of birds and animals in this place. One can see animals like sea turtles, manatee, crocodiles, howler monkeys, etc. whenever they make a sound of their own voice it really Pleasant to listen. The numbers of the animals are quite high and one can see available animals and birds here and there in the dense forest.

4. World Heritage Site:

This biosphere is in the list of UNESCO world heritage list. Chasing the sunset in sian ka’an at night, here in this place you will also enjoy the sunset watching from the seashore.

5. Ruins Statues:

Besides this place, one can witness a lot of ruin statues, building, and monuments. In the previous time, these things are in their correct place or stand stood. However, as of now all things beautiful things completely ruined. From that place, you can also enjoy watching the sunset in Sian ka’an and will have some happy times in there.