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What to Pack For Baja California Sur

While traveling from Los Cabos to La Paz and Todos Santos, we fell in love with the dramatic landscapes, wild coasts, majestic cacti, ethereal light, and warm-hearted people of Baja California Sur. The landscape feels a bit like the wild west—but with good waves and even better ceviche. 

In Baja, you have to be ready for all sorts of weather situations. From blistering beach heat to chilly mountain air, the temperature can definitely be tricky and change rapidly. We rediscovered a love for ponchos and Baja sweaters. They actually make sense down there — they're easy to throw on and provide a comfy barrier against the brisk desert breezes. At any given moment you might find yourself exploring a charming colonial town or wandering around on a farm or eating in a ridiculously beautiful restaurant or drinking a cold beer at a local surf shop. If you go, plan for the unexpected and always be prepared to step up your game with nicer pieces, but never forget that the general undercurrent is beachy, rustic, wild, and free.


Christina's Baja Travel Musts

I don't go anywhere without sunscreen, a Turkish towel, and a swimsuit. Sun Bum is my favorite sunscreen and Turkish towels are great because they're so versatile (towel, scarf, sarong, blanket, whatever!), but having a swimsuit is especially key — there is nothing worse than suddenly finding yourself near water and not having a swimsuit. I carry one in my carry-on just in case. When I head to the airport I literally ask myself: Credit card? Passport? Swimsuit? I mean, I'm not opposed to going without a suit in certain situations but I try to be a considerate traveler. My suit of choice is a one-piece. I love bikinis too, but a one-piece is ideal for surfing — if the water is warm, then you don't need even need a rashie and then later you can wear it like a bodysuit under shorts off the beach, too.


Thomas' Baja Travel Musts

Assuming there’s a surfboard there, my three must haves are a lightweight backpack for all my camera gear, a water bottle that keeps liquids cool (like the S’well) and a pair of slouchy pants. A lightweight pair of shoes is key, too. Oh, that’s four items but it's probably not shocking that I usually over pack.