Scribner’s Catskill Lodge, New York

Scribner's Catskill Lodge, New York

The recently opened Scribner’s Catskill Lodge is quite a sight. Originally opened in 1966, the thirty-eight-room ski hotel at the base of Hunter Mountain in upstate New York has new owners — and a brand new, super gorgeous look.

You can tell by looking at old photos that the original hotel, once called Scribner’s Hollow Motor Lodge, has always had good bones: Peeked ceilings with beams, walls lined with wood paneling, stonework, and tiles built-in fireplaces. Rows of private balconies, for watching the sunset on the mountains beyond. You know: classic mountain town stuff.

Those cozy mountain classics are still well in place, except now they look like they have been touched with some sort of modern-making, light-spreading magic wand. Fresh white paint coats much of the old wood paneling, serving as a seamless backdrop to the original white stucco built-ins that accent many of the guest rooms. In the lobby, library, and lounge, fresh blonde wood panels have installed, along with a smattering of skylights.

Those, along with decor that skews more minimalist-bohemian than anything else does, give the place a vaguely Nordic vibe. (Which, we suspect, is totally by design; After all, who better to take a cue from than Scandinavians? With their dark-as-hell winters, they know a thing or two about making the best of limited light. Planned or not, it all works beautifully: On our first morning at Scribner’s, when we peeled back the thick curtains that covered our sliding glass doors, light-flooded into our room so blindingly that we were shocked to see the overcast sky outside. )

Scribner’s offers many small delights, too. For example- The bunch of graham bananas, chocolate, and marshmallows gone in each guest room meant used for S’more preparing at the nightly beacon. Alternatively, the terracotta-tiled bathrooms stocked with the hotel’s signature lotions and shampoos — addictive blends scented with rosemary, laurel, and mint.  On the other hand, the masses of magazines (Modern Farmer, Surface, and Brooklyn) and witty classic books for understanding while cuddled up close to the middle fireside. Or — my favorite — the fact that the whole place is dog-friendly, so no matter what you’re doing or where you go, you’re sure to see a furry face doing something cute nearby.

Among “exploit concierges” on tender to help out you arrangement the whole thing from skiing to climbing to meditation, and Prospect, the excellent in-house restaurant serving brunch, cocktails, and dinner, we’re pretty sure Scribner’s is destined to attract a crowd. To that, we only have this to say- Book now, friends, and book now.

What is Inside In The Hotel:

If you enter in this hotel, then you will be amazed after seeing the well-decorated arrangement. This is a restaurant come bar and designed by black stain wood. All the rooms have very light color in the wall and for the ceiling. Most of the visitors like to watch the mountains from inside of the hotel sitting on the dark wooden chair.

Every room provides some pods of armchairs, sofas and bench seats. You will also find pool tables, reading corners, books in rack, old maps, and board games. There is a two-stored lobby beyond the reception desk. The whole area of this hotel is quite large and it looks like a cherry on the cake.

Scribner’s Catskill Lodge As A Wedding Spot

If you are looking for a best wedding destination or a hotel then you can go with this hotel. It is a stunning spot to get married with your partner. The outside view of the hotel helps you to experience the best moments of your life. Each event of your marriage will arrange by the hotel authorities and all the services will do by a supervisor. The supervisor will look and guide to all the staffs for doing everything appropriately. The venue for the wedding also decorates very well and offers us to get an awesome view.

 The cost of this hotel is very much reasonable for all the rich people. People who can afford to bear the charges of this hotel can obviously go for this hotel to make their wedding day special. The cost of the wedding in this hotel is quite high. However, the hotel authority will full fill all your demands, as you want for your wedding day. Each thing and service will do according to your wish. Thus, one can select this Scribner’s Catskill Lodge for get married within the hotel and receive some moments for a lifetime as memories.

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