Some Of The Best Towns Next To Lake Garda, Italy

The Best Towns Next To Lake Garda, Italy

Just a couple of hours from Milan are a magnificent lake tucked away in the Alps. The largest in Italy, Lake Garda (Lago di Garda) is stunningly beautiful with dramatic, craggily mountains as a backdrop. A decade ago, I was on the hunt for a perfect get-away from the damp streets of the city and Lake Garda, Italy was the answer. Meandering along the mountain roads, I quickly forgot the urban life left behind as the ancient architecture of the villages and sheer magnitude of Mother Nature captivated my senses.

Few Best Towns Near The Lake Garda

Many of us heard the name of this beautiful lake, which is in Italy. The main attraction for the most of the tourists is this lake. The images of Lake Garda Italy will also attract you towards this lake to visit once. Beside this beautiful lake, there are some nearby towns, which are another attraction for the visitors. Now let us see those towns in brief discussion.

1. Sirmione Town:

If you enough time after visiting the lake garda then you should go to this gorgeous city near the lake. Here within the town one can see many best hotels in Lake Garda Italy for staying. This charming town will offer you so many things that you will compel to stay more days in the town. The colorful rooftop and the fortified castles are the main lure.

2. Lazise, Veneto Town:

It is one of the best places to visit in Lake Garda Italy, to stay. In the winter season there held a market within the town where everyone loves to go there. The citrus tress of this town covered with the fruits in most of the time. Even the ducks and the swans freely roamed in the blue of the Lake Garda.

3. Bardolino Town:

This small town is best known for the wine. To have the best wine one can visit best restaurants lake garda Italy and spend some time with your friends and family. It is also a historical place, where many several churches can found with their history. The town was an independent city before 1193 but after that the city ruled by Scaliger dynasty. The cafes and the restaurants are open for all visitors.

4. Torri Del Benaco Town:

The roman fort is a special thing to visit the town with your family members. A museum holds many historical ethnographic things to see. It can be a destination for holidays to Lake Garda Italy. During your staying in this beautiful town, do not miss the lovely castles around the town. If you spend just couple of hours within this gorgeous city then you would not like to return from the town.

With its easy entry and solid on-shore winds in the morning, Garda is a great place to take up windsurfing —, which I promptly did. However, amateurs (like me) should know that typically the wind changes direction at midday and starts blowing offshore. Keep that in mind if you’re not experienced, as you’ll need to know how to get back to where you took off from. Better to end the day with a glass of white wine and a risotto of fresh lake fish than by screaming “aiuto!” (Help!) From a distant shore. Trust me.

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