The best guide for beginners to surf!

guide for beginners to surfing

Surfing is such an adventurous task that brings joys and challenging moments at the same time. One can encounter risky and unusual thrills while surfing in a deep ocean. It needs the ability to harness the power of the sea and lead up by finding the right wave.

It is also a thrill even imagining yourself paddling out on the surface of the water. The waves will crash and break to exert the power of the ocean, and you will leave the comfort of the land and out in the open water. Imagine yourself alone on a surfboard surrounded with powerful waves.

If you are daring to experience these situations and powerful waves, then you can get into it. But it will need proper technique and extra care to avoid any miss-happening. It is because deep oceans are dangerous to play.

If you want to get started, then you have come to the right place. It is very tough to predict the conditions and power of waves. But still the instructions you are going to read in this article will surely help you in your first session.

Five essential tips to learn for the beginners:

Before going to start the discussion, it is highly recommended to own a surfing bathing suit for playing in the ocean with powerful waves. Let’s start the conversation.

  • Right technique:

There is always a right and a wrong way for every task or adventure. The proper technology will help you to succeed, and the wrong one will put you in difficulty. Therefore the appropriate technique is necessary to follow. Before getting into the powerful waves, you should need to learn the proper form to stand up on a surfboard. It is good to determine the right way from an experienced surfer. There are two different techniques to stand up on a surfboard.

  • Prone position:

The prone position refers to lying on the surfboard for surfing. You will have to manage your body balance by lying in the centre of the board on your stomach. The right technique for the prone position is that your toes should touch the tail of the surfboard.

  • Pop-up:

While standing up from the prone position on your surfboard is called pop-up position.  One needs to swift the motion quickly and seamlessly. 

  • Perfect beach:

It is essential to find an ideal environment to learn surfing. It is because the perfect beach will help you to succeed in surfing.  It is highly recommended to avoid those beaches where the waves are so fast and powerful when you are still learning. The steady and long streams will allow more fun and early progress without placing you in danger.

Apart from this, a sandy beach which consists of shallow and minimal obstruction of coral and rocks will be conducive for the beginners. It is good to put on a stylish surfing bath suit while surfing. 

Study the water conditions:

The major part of the surf learning process is to understand the water conditions of the ocean and how waves work.  It is essential to stand on the beach for a couple of minutes to study the way of breaking the waves.

Apart from this, a beginner should have to watch the experienced surfers by standing on the beach about how they are doing and which waves they are catching to surf. This effort will help you to understand the beach and the water conditions and to learn the wave’s theory.

Wipeout technique:

The wipeout techniques are complicated to learn as sometimes it will take years to understand the right technology. It is the time when you will find yourself frustrated and defeated with waves. Many of the experienced surfers are still learning the best method of wiping out the water.

The right theory of wiping out is that you have to protect your face by using your hands and get into a fetal position. When you are finding yourself about to fall, then it is good to jump away from the board and the wave. Make sure you are in a cannonball position while jumping away from the surfboard to avoid the powerful hitting of a shallow. It is good to get back to the beach to cool off and to keep calm. A comfortable surfing suit is necessary to put on while learning to wipe out. 


Like all sports, surfing also requires you to hurt your muscles by doing the right warm-up exercise. One should follow the proper warming-up routine before getting into the water. It is because, while surfing, you will find that the waves are hitting on your particular muscles. If you didn’t warm-up your body before encountering the powerful waves, then it will pull your muscles.

There is no need to do a proper workout for surfing as it just requires you to prepare your muscles to avoid the pulling from powerful waves. Therefore you have to follow the 5 minutes proper technique to warm-up your body for full-day surfing.

Other important things to pay attention:

A surfer swimsuit which is comfortable enough is essential to put on while surfing. Apart from this, the below-listed tips are also necessary to keep in your mind. 

  • Do not get depressed after a few failures because it will take time to learn.
  • Use a longer surfboard while learning.
  • Do not paddle past to another surfer,
  • Find the right way to surf.
  • If you disturbed the other surfer, then apologize immediately.
  • Make sure that you didn’t leave any trash on the beach. 


While surfing brings too much fun and joy but still it is hazardous and risky. Therefore it is highly recommended to avoid the powerful waves before learning the right techniques. Always put on a comfortable and body fit surf bathing suits while surfing in the water. 

The above discussed five tips are essential to learning that will help you to avoid the danger. Do not discourage yourself if you have few fail attempts; take your time to get success.

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