Top 5 Jeep Accessories To Gift Yourself This Holiday Season

Holiday Season

Shopping for all your friends and family can be time-consuming and stressful. Treat yourself this holiday season with the Jeep accessories you need to unwind in your favorite ride. Whether you’re hitting your favorite trail or heading out on a shopping trip in a new-and-improved ride, Jeep wheels and tires, seat covers and tops are the perfect gifts to yourself.

1. New Top

If your Jeep only has a soft top, it may be spending more time in the garage this holiday season. Only having a hard top means you aren’t able to enjoy that Jeep-top-down thrill.

Shop for a new top to stay warm this season or prepare for an unforgettable summer ride. There are a surprising range of hard and soft tops available for every make and model of Jeep, so consider your riding style and what you’re missing out of your current top.

2. Powerful Winch

The holidays typically come with snow, ice, and poor driving conditions. Stay safe whether you’re headed to a holiday celebration or a snow-covered trail. A winch is a safety net to keep your Jeep firmly on the road. If you slide into a ditch or take on a snowdrift that’s a little too deep for your rig, a winch can help pull you back to safety.

Winches are rated based on their towing weight. You don’t want your Jeep to max out your winch, so choose one with plenty of additional pulling power to easily haul your vehicle.

3. Comfortable Seat Covers

Hopping in and out of your Jeep in winter weather means melted snow and road salt could be all over its interior. Keep your favorite off-road ride clean this winter with comfortable and convenient seat covers. This affordable gift wraps your seats in a cushioned material that’s easy to remove and clean. Neoprene covers come in a range of colors and trim styles, so it’s a great way to personalize your vehicle.

4. Stylish Fender Flares

Wrangler fender flares offer a great balance of style and function. Stylistically, fender flares add a flair of color and texture to your Jeep. The contoured pieces create a more rugged, off-road look that helps you stand out from road-bound Jeeps. As a functional accessory, these flares prevent flying mud and debris from scratching your paint and creating a mess as you tear around corners.

5. Dynamic Tires

Another must-have accessory for the holiday season is a set of tires. This is a great time of year to inspect your tires and look for any bald spots. If your treads still have lots of life left, consider swapping them out for winter tires for specialized seasonal traction. Snow tires offer improved traction without resorting to chains or studs, but a new set of all-terrain tires may be better suited for year-round use. Be sure to match the diameter and other features of your tires for easy replacements.

Treat Yourself With These Jeep Accessories

Update your Jeep and prepare for a safe, memorable holiday season with these accessories. Treat yourself to the latest Jeep soft tops, fender flares, and more when you shop online. The best brands at the best prices delivered right to your door make the holidays that much easier.

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