Types of surfing one can do in 2020!

Types of surfing one can do in 2020

Sea surfing has multiple interpretations, while some people think it is a recreational and physical activity, and some found it as their addiction or religion sport.  The goal of every surfer is to ride and progress on the unbroken waves of the sea on a surfboard. The wave riders navigate the water by standing up on the surfboards nearly to the beach and towards the shore.

For the beginners, it needs to learn the basics of this adventurous sport. It is because playing with water is not safe. Therefore do not get in a deep ocean without having proper training. There are several types of waves that you need to know before going into the sea with your surfboard.

As we said, it is essential to learn the basics of surfing. Therefore we are going to discuss the different types of surfing. At the very first step, you have to wear a surfer swimsuit while surfing in the ocean. Let’s know the different types of waves which you are going to encounter. 

Beach breaks waves:

When the ocean waves break over the sandy bottom, it is known as beach break waves. Most of the ocean waves are liable to change their quality and shape that shift the sand of the beaches.  One can notice promising sand back that appears on the beaches from a very long time, and suddenly they disappear. It is because of beach break waves.

These waves are mighty so, one should need to be extra careful while surfing in sand break waves. The speed and the power of the beach break waves depend on the season. Many of the beaches can produce these kinds of waves consistently. It is highly recommended to put on a fit body fit surfing swimsuit while playing with the break breaks waves.

Reef break waves:

The reef break waves are hazardous to surf, especially for the beginners. So, it is recommended to avoid Reef breaks if you are still learning.  When the powerful waves break over a rocky bottom, reef break occurs. When it appears in the ocean, the seabed remains consist, and the lineup continues to change according to the direction and size of the waves.  If you are going to encounter reef breaks then you must wear a fit surfer swimsuit otherwise you can get into a risky situation.

Many of the ocean breaks over the rocky bottom and these waves never forgive anyone. Therefore it is recommended to get into reef breaks only when you are perfect in your job. It is because even the friendly reef breaks are very tough to surf. 

Point breaks waves:

The point break waves appear when the swell lines hit a stretch of seabed at an oblique angle. The waves get a break around the shore, and this situation is known as point breaks. In simple words, when the waves break over the rock or sand, the point break waves occur.

The point break waves stay in the ocean for a longer time than beach or reef break waves. These waves are not as risky as it is the perfect option for beginners. A comfortable surfer swimsuit will make your experience better while encountering point break waves. 

River mouth:

The river mouth waves are mostly similar to pint breaks, and it produced where the ocean deposit sand on the sandbars and it peels off predictably. The beautiful river mouth waves are perfect to surf for all the surfers whether they are trained or beginners.

The river mouth waves are mostly produced in Northern Spain and the European countries. It is considered as the best, delight and busy waves of the ocean in these both nations.


The reform waves can die when it hits the deep water and break again in depth of the ocean. In simple words, because of its reforming capability, it is known as reform waves.  Most surfers can kick down these waves before it hits the deeper water. This wave depends on the condition of the weather.

This ocean condition is relatively safe for surfing, even when you are a less experienced athlete. If you are a beginner, then it is the right place where you can start learning. Whether it is safe enough, but one should put on a surfer swimsuit while surfing. 


The soft waves are produced at all the surfing spots, and these are one of the friendlier waves. When the bottom part of the ocean is more gradual than usual, and then waves get break gently. This phenomenon is known as crumbly waves.

The crumbly waves are not too fast, powerful and robust. It appears in a forgiving nature that is the right place for beginners.


The large and highly powerful waves are produced when two different streams meet in the ocean. Their thoughts, crests and energy get combined to form a strong wave know as Double-up wave.

It starts to break it gets ultra hollow and dangerous. Therefore it is tough to tackle these waves even for a surfer who has years of experience. If you dare to encounter a highly critical ocean condition and have a comprehensive training, only then you can get into it. Otherwise, it is good to avoid Double-Up waves.

Where can you find the best waves to surf?

If you dare to encounter the risky ocean conditions with a surfboard, then you can visit the below-listed places. These places are best for both beginners and experienced surfers. Do not forget to buy a small collection of surfing swimsuits before going to visit the world’s best destination for surfing. 

  1. Waikiki, Hawaii.
  2. San Onofre, California.
  3. County Line, California.
  4. Morro Bay, California.
  5. La Jolla Shores, California.
  6. Cocoa Beach, Florida.
  7. Cowell’s, California.
  8. 90th Street, Rockaways, New York.


Whether you are a beginner or experienced, it needs to be extra careful while getting into risky waves. If you are a beginner, then you can try some friendly waves to start learning. We have discussed some forgiving nature waves to help you to start learning this risky sport.

It is recommended to purchase some surfing bathing suits while surfing in the ocean. It is because, if you don’t feel comfortable while surfing, it will become a tough job.

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