An Amazing Outside Of Nosara’s Hidden Hippie Bazzar

Nosara's Hidden Hippie Bazzar

The best places are often hard to find, and this little hippie shop in Playa Guiones is no exception. If you did not know where it was, you would definitely miss it — unless, of course, you just happened to stumble across it while being nosy. That’s how we found it: We were wondering around and decided to check out the pool situation at Sunset Shack. We turned a corner, and, bam! There was Bazzar nosara, covertly nestled beneath a little cove of palm trees and looking very, very promising.

In addition, it was. The moment we stepped through the door of the white cottage that houses Bazzar, we were awe-struck — and it was’t just the scent of eucalyptus candles and incense that had us mesmerized. It is more that we were not expecting to find such a pretty little store in a town whose shopping scene is mostly dominated by surf wax and board shorts. With its high-end hippie aesthetic and vaguely mystical vibes, hidden hippie Bazzar,nosara is the kind of place you’d expect to find in Ojai or Tulum: Colorful tassel necklaces dangle from wooden branches, gauzy white dresses hang from bamboo racks, and fringed leather bags decorate every other available surface.

Inside Of The Bazzar

This nosara-hidden bazzar is one of the famous bazzars in nosara. All over the whole bazzar the most common is the local people and their goods. People are going from here to there and sell their raw meterials and other things. Whenever you will enter this hidden hippie bazzar, an amazing and pleasant look you will see. Many local shops are out there to give you the products that you need. Many people even come to visit this market just to see and enjoy the whole atmosphere within the bazzar.

The locale people try to nreach all the foods to all the restaurants around the market so that they can prepare new dishes for their visitors. If you want to go to this market then you will find every detail on internet. One can search nosara’s hidden hippie bazzar address by the help of internet. There are most of the people even works for the hotel too. The life style of these people is very simple.

The most noticeable thing beside the bizzar is that nosara’s hidden hippie bazzar resort. To stay or for spending some time one can go to the resorts. The resorts are so beautiful that one cannot avoid visiting it at least for ones.

One can see also the local shops, which are also street shopping center for all the local people of nosara.  From morning to night, people are selling their products to the customers. Everyone out there are having a peaceful life according to their own rules.

Good To Know

Owner Gonca Gul opened Bazzar after leaving her career as a fashion stylist. In addition to leather accessories and handmade jewelry from select designers, Bazzar sells Gul’s two lines: Gonca Style, which features embroidery and hand-dyed fabrics, and Gonca Sport, which consists of knit-jersey yogawear. There are two locations in the bazzar. One is beside the sunset shack hotel and the second one is at la Luna restaurant. There is also a location in Sag Harbor. Even this nosara’s hidden hippie bazzar is very gorgeous and well decorated to look.

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