Which Hotels Are Best Beside Folly Beach, South Carolina

Beside Folly Beach, South Carolina

A ramshackle resort town with a stretch of dirt-colored sand and a handful of surf breaks: It’s almost as if Folly Beach, South Carolina exists to entice those who think the rest of Charleston is a tad too pristine.

We visited on a dreary, humid day at the end of fall. The whole place felt wind-swept and bleary-eyed, as if it had just awoken to the biggest hangover of its life. The streets were quiet; the sky super grey. When we stood at the end of the giant pier and looked out into the sea, the horizon dissolved into fog.

Still, with the surfers and the fins of porpoises making cameos on the waves and the salty smell of long forgotten summer fun, it was beautiful. The hotel is a place where most of the time we go to stay and enjoy our holidays.

Maybe even more than it would have been had it been drenched with sun.

Where to go

Here are some the best hotels and bar where you can stay for few days and enjoy the side scene of the beach. Throughout the year, many people come from different places to get some peaceful atmosphere on the beach. One can also find the cheap hotels folly beach South Carolina to stay.

Chico Feo

If Punky Brewster had an outdoor surf bar, it would probably look like Chico Feo, all brightly painted, mismatched, and jolly. Order an acai bowl and kombucha on the front porch in the morning; then sit around in the backyard with a $2 PBR and eat a bowl of tuna poke in the afternoon.

Surf Bar

Tropical drinks, dollar bills taped to the walls, and surf videos playing on the outside patio — this local tiki dive makes even the dreariest, swell-less day feel like a vacation. Ask for the vegetarian buffalo “wings” made from cauliflower and order a Painkiller (or two).

Taco Boy

Some Charleston friends will turn their noses up at this suggestion, but, as our Uber driver told us, “Everyone secretly loves Taco Boy.” Well, they serve pretty, okay Mexican food and super strong margaritas, so, yeah! The Folly Beach location has a cheery patio out back and a colorful terrace facing the street in front. Here in this city of folly beach South Carolina, people watching, nachos, and drinking, fun.

Bowen’s Island

While technically not on FB, Bowen’s Island is close enough — you have to drive past it to get to and from Folly Beach from Charleston anyway. It’s an old school low country fish shack at its best: graffitied walls, super fresh seafood, hush puppies, and gorgeous sunset views over the reed-covered marsh. Be prepared to shuck your own oysters.

Water’s Edge Inn

This hotel located beside the Charleston, almost ten miles away from the actual hotel. It is unique hotel with many features for all the visitors to enjoy staying within the hotel come bar restaurant. The folly beach in South Carolina is the main attraction for the all tourists.

Holliday Inn Folly Beach

It is also bar come restaurant or hotel to spend time whenever you are on the beach. The places to eat in folly beach South Carolina are many to visit and spending the whole time within this hotel. Within the room of your, you will get all the facilities.

Regatta Inn Folly Beach

If you prefer restaurants more than bar and hotel then you can go to this restaurant. You will find this hotel on sunset cay marina. With the all-modern, facilities and the entire services one will receive from this regatta inn. The foods are so delicious especially the breakfast folly beach South Carolina. It is a full meal with some amazing drinks also.

Tides Folly Beach, Carolina

This hotel considers as one of the best places to eat in folly beach south carolina. It is one of the best wedding destinations and here within this hotel you will find few amazing spots to travel.

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