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Economy Hotel

When it comes to travel expenses, hotels are sometimes one of the biggest ones, but you shouldn’t have to go over your budget or stay in a bland, lifeless room to cut costs. These 5 hotel chains offer competitive rates, a wealth of amenities, and regular freebies to create an inviting and economy hotel for both business and leisure travelers. 

Economy hotels are becoming more popular as people become increasingly budget-conscious. These types of hotels are often part of larger chains located near airports or highways. They offer clean rooms with minimal amenities at an affordable price. So, in this post, we’ve shared the 5 most popular budget hotels for corporate travelers. 

Definition Of an Economical Hotel: 

Small to a medium-sized hotel known as “economy hotel” provide minimal to nonexistent services in addition to basic lodging. Small- to medium-sized extended-stay hotels provide full-service lodging for longer stays than conventional hotels.

A form of lodging known as an economy hotel provides basic services at a cheaper cost than other hotels. These frequently belong to major hotel groups that are situated close to highways or airports.

A budget hotel seeks to give visitors a place to rest and take a shower at a lesser price. Economy hotels frequently provide smaller, more affordable rooms. Economy hotel often features smaller and less luxurious rooms than other types of lodging.

What Kind Of Tourists Stay At A Cheap Hotel?

It doesn’t discriminate against different traveler types who opt to stay in budget hotels for various reasons. 

  • The business traveler may need to stay close to the airport or in the city center for meetings while on a work or business trip. They only require a place to rest their heads before an international flight or after a long day of meetings; they don’t require bells and whistles.
  • Families traveling by car could seek out a cheap hotel to lay their weary heads down for the evening.
  • The decision to stay at an economy hotel may also be made by a single traveler or a couple who feel they don’t require all the amenities that a more upscale hotel provides and are content to save some money.

Places Of The Most Popular Budget Hotels:

Economy hotels might be a wonderful choice for business travelers searching for long-term lodging or an overnight stay.

The following are the top 5 finalists in the category for the most economical hotel brand:

Motel 6:

As of 1999, Motel 6 has run the Studio 6 hotel network, a collection of extended-stay properties with more features than typical Motel 6 properties with weekly and monthly pricing. Around 14,000 Motel 6 establishments exist in the United States and Canada.

The biggest privately owned and run hotel group in North America is Motel 6, which is a division of G6 Hospitality. Because it provides a lot of things for free, it is regarded to be among the best cheap hotels:

  • Complimentary local calls, coffee in the morning, and more cable TV
  • Speaking-free spaces accessible
  • No cost basic wifi
  • Pet-friendly
  • most locations have swimming and customer housekeeping services
  • Free for those under 17 years old 

Studio 6 accommodation hotels are conveniently situated near significant business complexes and provide quick access to restaurants, retail and shopping centers, and entertainment hubs.

Choice Hotel:

With a little more than 7100 hotels licensed in more than 40 countries and territories, this is one of the biggest accommodation corporations in the world. More than 600.00 rooms are represented by Choice globally. The following hotels are those that provide business travelers with the Choice brand:

  • Comfort
  • Rodeway Inn 
  • Quality Inn 
  • EconoLodge 
  • Sleep Inn 
  • Clarion

The MainStay Suites, EverHome Suites, WoodSpring Suites, and Suburban Studios are exemplary examples of extended stay accommodations. Extended stay suites enable you to keep your livelihood during longer stays by combining the advantages of a hotel lifestyle with amenities found in apartments.

Best Western:

Best Western has existed for 70 years as a part of the BWH Hotel Group. They provide cozy lodgings and practical conveniences. They are one of the few low-cost hotels with free wifi and free breakfast at most locations. Discounted hotel prices are available through CLC Lodging at Best Western, Best Western+, and Best Western Premier properties.

Best Western approved a plan to renovate their hotels in order to draw in more business tourists in January of this year. A new regulation that Best Western Plus beds have some sort of cushion top is one of the modifications.

Moreover, separate k-cup coffee makers must be provided in each room, as well as a 24-hour specialty coffee service in the atrium or breakfast section with upgraded selections such as lattes and cappuccinos. All must be put into practice by the end of 2022.

The brand will mandate Peloton or comparable fitness equipment beginning in 2023. Also improved will be the music, drink dispensers, and communal tables in the lobby.  

Wyndham Hotel Group:

It’s likely that you’ve visited a Wyndham hotel at least once, although likely unaware of it. One of the biggest hotel chains in the entire globe, they.

  • Ramada\sMicrotel
  • Days Inn 
  • Super 8 
  • Howard Johnson 
  • La Quinta America Inn 
  • Travelodge 
  • Wingate 
  • Hawthorne Suites

Wyndham made plans to introduce Echo Suites, an overnight stay budget brand, in early 2022. The extended-stay brands from Lodging America and Choice Hotels Worldwide would be priced similarly to the new brand. By the end of 2022, Echo Suites are anticipated to be open for reservations.

Red Lion:

Now a property of Sonesta International Hotels Corporation is the Red Lion Family of Hotels. Almost 1400 locations in North America are home to more than 90,000 rooms under the Red Lion brand. Similar to their rival Motel6, Red Lion is renowned for providing a number of free facilities in their low-cost accommodations.

  • Pet-friendly rooms
  • Complimentary breakfast and WiFi
  • Coffee in the room and HDTVs
  • No cost cancellation
  • Most locations have on-site laundries and a business center open around the clock.

The Red Lion and Americans Best Value Inn hotels provide discounts to CLC Lodging Members on top of their already reasonable room prices.

Corporate travelers pick cheap hotels, meanwhile, for a variety of reasons. Booking a budget hotel through a travel property manager like CLC lodging is among the simplest options.

The best method for reserving a cheap hotel:

Are you trying to find the best method for booking a cheap hotel reservation? Before we look at the positives and negatives, let’s talk about a few.

  • Booking a budget hotel through an internet-based travel site like Expedia is the simplest option. You may obtain a list of inexpensive hotels that suit your needs by entering your vacation dates, destination, and budget.
  • Also, you can make direct reservations at budget hotels online. If you have particular dates or room requirements, going straight to the source is a fantastic choice.
  • You can put off booking your cheap hotel until you’re closer to your vacation if you’re flexible with your travel dates. If you’re searching for a last-minute deal, flexibility is an excellent choice.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Booking A Cheap Hotel:

A form of lodging known as an economy hotel provides basic amenities at a cheaper cost than standard hotels. These hotels are frequently found close to airports or busy highways and are typically a subsidiary of a bigger chain.

Even while they might not have all the luxuries of a five-star hotel, they can nevertheless be spotless, cozy, and handy. If you’re thinking of staying in an inexpensive hotel on your upcoming trip, keep the following in mind.


If you are interested in saving money on lodging, a budget hotel is an excellent choice. A few benefits of staying at a budget hotel included the following:

  • Reduced cost: This is the benefit of vacationing in a budget hotel that is most immediately apparent.
  • Often situated close to airports or major highways: If you’re seeking convenience, budget hotels are frequently situated close to airports or busy thoroughfares, making them simple to reach when only visiting briefly.
  • Can still be clean and comfortable: The mere fact that an economy hotel is just less costly does not automatically imply that it is not clean and cozy. Basic comforts like a private toilet, a TV, and bedding are still expected.
  • When you barely stay at the hotel, this is ideal: If you only need a comfy bed and take a shower and don’t intend to spend a long time in your room, a budget hotel is a good choice.
  • You may find a deal: If you look hard enough and do your homework, you can locate an affordable hotel for a pittance.


As an alternative, the following are some drawbacks of booking a budget hotel:

  • Restricted amenities: One drawback of booking a room in a budget hotel is that these establishments frequently have few amenities. You could have no access to a gym or a swimming pool, for instance.
  • Smaller rooms: The fact that the rooms are often smaller than those in standard hotels is another possible drawback. So, there may be better options if you’re searching for large rooms.
  • Fewer services: It’s also important to note that economy hotels frequently offer fewer services than traditional hotels. Thus, pick a different choice if you’re seeking a room or laundry service.
  • Has a tendency to be a little louder: As cheap hotels are frequently found close to highways or airports, there may be a lot of noise, or because the walls are a little narrower, you may be able to hear other guests going through the hallway. If you have trouble falling asleep, there may be other solutions available.

Although they are frequently centrally located, this is not always the case. -Location could not be the greatest. Be sure the hotel is convenient to the attractions you wish to visit and is in a neighborhood that is safe.

Final Words:

As individuals become more cost-conscious, economy hotels are growing in popularity. These hotels frequently belong to larger brands and are situated close to highways or airports. There are several factors to take into account when selecting a hotel for your trip, including your budget.

If you’re seeking a less expensive option, a budget hotel can be the best choice for you. Remember that these accommodations might still be tidy and comfortable despite often having fewer amenities and smaller rooms.

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