Some Of The Best Hotels Beside HAVEN, MONTAUK

Some Of The Best Hotels Beside HAVEN, MONTAUK

On the northeastern outskirts of Montauk, there is a sweet little hotel called Haven Montauk. Painted a deep blue and hidden by a lush row of tall hedges, it’s the kind of place you go to get away from the east end’s rowdier parts—a laid-back oasis a stone’s throw away from the weekenders who swarm Surf Lodge and Rushmeyers clutching frosty cans of Summer Ale from Montauk Brewing Co. in their hands.

The hotel is bookended by a grassy yard with a fire pit on one end, and a wide pool lined with low-slung lounge chairs on the other. The vibe is a cross between a vintage and haven Montauk, motor lodge and a coastal summer camp—S’mores kits in the guest rooms, people sitting cross-legged on the lawn. It’s hip but not overly styled, which is why you might be surprised to find that off the lobby in a little nook, a treasure trove of chic summer essentials from the likes of Palmiers du Mal, Black Sea, A Peace Treaty, and Alix have been curated into a pop-up shop called Room 09.

It is a nice place to stop and browse when you have the time. Especially if you’re in need of a cozy white sweatshirt emblazoned with the word SURF in rainbow colors across the back and candles that smell like orange blossoms and clean laundry—two of Room 09’s house brand specialties.

Few Hotels To Stay Beside Haven Montauk

Whenever you are going to visit an island in most of the people like to stay in the villas beside the island. The weather beside the island remains very calm and peaceful.  However, in the summer time the weather becomes too hot that none can tolerate. Nevertheless, if you stay in this resort then you will get the entire cooling atmosphere within this beside haven Montauk hotel. Now let us have a look on some of the hotels nearby this hotel to stay.

1. The Montauk Sound view:

It is the most nearest hotel or villa beside the haven Montauk hotel. It considered as blue haven Montauk because of the color of the hotel. This is three star hotels. Those people who come to stay in this hotel never feel lack of anything from the hotel. In front of your room, you will see an open space and many hanging art paintings on your wall. The well-decorated and furnished rooms will definitely attract your attention and bring you back again min this hotel.

2. Culloden House, UK:

In united state, under the Montauk you can find this hotel. The whole hotel takes lot of areas to stand. It looks like a solar panel on the ground. It is another blue haven resort Montauk and many people love to spend time within this hotel. The hotel owner introduces a playground behind the hotel just to think about the little ones. You will get unlimited wifi connection in your room. More over the parking area is quite big and well arranged.

3. Sun And Sound, UK:

This is another three star hotel around haven Montauk. Whenever you go in this hotel for the first time, the first and the most surprising thing for you will the swimming pool. An extra large swimming pool is the main attraction for the visitors. This haven at Montauk is one of the most favorite resorts. Those tourists who come to stay here ones in a year they fully enjoyed all the things that are available here.

4. Gurney ‘S Star Island Resort And Marina:

If you are looking for a three star hotel then this hotel will be the best option for you. Around the blue hotel haven Montauk ny this gurney resort is there to stay for the people. In front of this hotel, there is a big ground for sitting and playing. The surrounding side of this hotel is full of greenery and you can get some fresh air from your staying too.

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