Greece’s Secret Surf Beach

Greece's Secret Surf Beach

The islands of the Cyclades have a special pull. In Tinos, where steep mountain ridges give way to hidden coves and sparkling Aegean shores, the magnetism is undeniable and even a bit surreal. Around every bend a new mythical scene unfolds like something out of an ancient dream — a herd of wild goats leaps over a craggy outcropping, a tiny white church perches atop an impossibly high cliff, a grove of shimmering olive trees sprouts from the mouth of a stream that gurgles unseen in the crease of a deep ravine. 

On an island where such wonders lurk, it should not be a surprise when the windswept beach of Kolimbithra on the island’s north side suddenly comes into view. However, it is. Nestled between two long peninsulas, the water at Kolimbithra is wild with rolling waves — a sight to beyond on an island rich with otherwise placid swimming bays.

In addition, it’s not just those unlikely waves. It is the damn thing. Like a desert mirage or a sepia-tinted hologram, a small community of glistening-skinned waifs in board shorts and rashies has grown. Its members lounge beneath mushroom-shaped beach umbrellas drinking mojitos made with raki served from the window of a cherry-colored Volkswagen van. They linger among the rental boards and wait for swell beneath thatched-roof lean-tos decorated with black-and-white flags emblazoned with the logo for Vans. They beckon you over with twinkling eyes, a nod of the head, and a gentle wave of the hand that seems to say, “Well, what did you expect?”

Why To Choose Greece Surf Beach To Enjoy

Many of us want to go seashore for having some awesome moments. Sea beaches are one of the most beautiful places to spend some time with our loved ones. Most of us have the dream to go Greece surfing beach. In the Greece, the pleasant atmosphere of that place will give some relaxing time. However, there are some reasons why one should visit the Greece secret surf beach once in his or her lifetime. Let us have a quick look on those reasons. The view of the beach will also attract you towards the natural beauty of it.

1. Take A Trip To The Island:

Whenever you are about to for a trip to seashore, hidden surf of the Greece will be a perfect place to go and enjoy. The Greece covered with three seas. If you go to the islands of Greece then you will find the hidden beaches Greece. Many people around the world every year come to the island to enjoy the winter season with their family or friends to spend some times with them. After enjoying the surfing tinos Greece you will have to come back again on this beach because of the view of that place will bring you back in this place.

2. Offer You Color Mind:

The Greece surf beach always helps you get a peaceful and colorful mind. After visiting the sea beach the scenery of that place will offer you the best possible experiences.  The sunset in the evening from the beach, provide you the best scenery. Even, the sunrise in the morning is also so very beautiful that you will fall in love with the view. The surf tinos of the beach sometimes remain very calm and looks very awesome to the visitors. The visitors who come to the place admire the beautiful sides of Greece very much.

3. Romantic Weather Of The Beach:

 From the romantic atmosphere of the beach, the surrounding areas and their people’s live-hood also will visible to you. One can see the actual hardship of those people who are staying in that place in the summer time. In summer season, it is almost impossible to tolerate the hot weather of surfing Tinos Greece. Therefore, it is better going there in wintertime to enjoy the seaside more peacefully. One can also go the place with their partner to enjoy some days in the beach of the Greece. Those you are thinking to take a break from the as usual daily life and experiencing some relaxing time, can go to the place.

4. Yet Energetic:

The hidden surf of the beach will hold your energetic mood to discover more things in that place. Sometimes the hidden beaches will puzzle you in search for the beach; you just have to hold your patience level to find them all. After discovering all them, you will actually get the satisfaction and energetic feel to search out more beaches like this way.

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