Turn Your Summer Vacation Into a Wild Wild West Trip: 5 Things to do in Yellowstone

Summer Vacation

Saddle up and head out to the wild West this summer for an unforgettable getaway in Yellowstone National Park! Home to an array of incredible wonders and grand adventures, Yellowstone is the perfect place for an action-packed summer vacation. With steaming geysers, majestic mountains and meadows, active wildlife, and an expansive network of scenic drives and valleys to explore, there’s no shortage of ways to make the most of your stay. From taking a trek in the backcountry to uncovering the park’s historical sites, here are five special things you can do to turn your summer trip into a Wild West experience!

Exploring the Grand Geyser Basin

Welcome to the Grand Geyser Basin! You can witness a spectacular landscape of geothermal features here—from steaming hot springs and burbling mud pots to roaring geysers. Take in the steamy boiling springs with an array of blues, greens, and yellows before watching Old Faithful spout off in all its glory every hour or two. From here, take a few steps back to prehistoric Mammoth Hot Springs, where travertine terraces have been forming for thousands of years. Don’t forget to stop by the Lone Star Geyser while you’re at it, an equally enchanting feature complete with beaver dams and old-growth forests. With so much to explore and experience, this area will surely spark the naturalist in all of us.

Adventuring in the Backcountry

Explore the wild expanses of Yellowstone by taking a hike off the beaten path. Immense forests, mesmerizing meadows, glittering waterfalls, and majestic peaks await adventurers willing to stretch their boundaries. Yellowstone’s backcountry is full of hidden treasures waiting to be explored and experienced. Whether camping under the stars or canoeing across a pristine lake, a few days spent outdoors in Yellowstone can make for an unforgettable vacation. Remember to bring plenty of supplies along and read up on backcountry rules and regulations before you set out!

Discovering the Wildlife Wonders

The Yellowstone Wildlife Wonders is a prime attraction throughout the park. Hiking through the thermal basins and admiring the bubbling streams and hot springs is sure to be a thrilling experience, but the wildlife truly captures the imagination. With an array of elk, bison, grizzly bears, wolves, and other native fauna at every turn, you can spot critters wild and free right in front of your eyes. Warm weather months bring great day roamers, while night owls may even witness the nocturnal activities of swooping owls or pouncing foxes. When they appear, observe them quietly from afar, and remember your camera!

Taking a Scenic Drive through the Park

Take the road less traveled and treat yourself to a scenic drive through Yellowstone National Park. Cruise along the winding roads, passing breathtaking sights around every turn. Catch glimpses of Old Faithful erupting in the distance, stunningly colored thermal pools, and diverse wildlife, including grizzlies, bison, wolves, dense forests, canyons, and rivers. If you want to take your time exploring all Yellowstone has to offer, rent one of the many vacation rentals Yellowstone has throughout the park—you’ll have much more freedom to explore off the beaten path and a true home away from home. No matter how you choose to experience Yellowstone, you won’t forget the picturesque beauty and extraordinary adventures you’ll find there.

Uncovering the Park’s Historical Sites

Experience the Wild West like never before by uncovering Yellowstone’s historical sites! Take a step back in time as you explore the Norris Geyser Basin, built during the 1880s to house travelers who visited the park. Wander around Camp Fire Clubhouse, once an overnight rest stop for tourists. Visit Roaring Mountain, where the first set of grizzly bears were released into the park over 80 years ago. Follow the Bannock Trail, once used by Native Americans to trade goods and services. Or walk along Lamar Valley Trail, used initially by bison herds migrating across the area. No matter which site you explore, take time to appreciate Yellowstone’s rich history!


With its sparkling geysers, majestic wildlife, and breathtaking panoramas, Yellowstone presents a spectacular outdoor experience that is nothing short of wild. Follow in the footsteps of mountain men and gold miners by adventuring in the backcountry, discovering its magnificent wildlife, cruising through its roads, and uncovering the park’s historical sites. Put on your boots and plunge into the great wild west in Yellowstone!

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