Top 10 restaurants near Rincon beaches!

By on February 29, 2020

The trendy Rincon town is situated on Puerto Rico’s west coast and is well known for its beaches and lighthouse overlooks. The Island is a surfing capital and one of the world’s best places to catch powerful waves. If you are a beach lover and have a desire to paddle out in the water on a surfboard, then Rincon is the best travel destination for you.

Apart from this, the Island is also famous for its delicious cuisines as it holds a vast number of restaurants near its famous beaches. Therefore one does not have to worry about where to eat while visiting Rincon. Let’s have a look at the top 10 Rincon Puerto Rico restaurants

Top 10 Rincon Puerto Rico restaurants:

1: Shipwreck Bar & Grill:

Hence, this place is a bar, but it is also famous for its tastiest seafood like Tacos with shark bite sauces, yucca mofongo, scallops, and calamari.  The Shipwreck bar & grill has a large portion where you will find a relaxed atmosphere. Not only the seafood dishes are the specialty of this place, but also the non-seafood dishes like burgers, salads and wraps have been served in this popular restaurant.

2: Primavera: 

If you have gotten tired after your surfing sessions and want to have some relaxation, then the Primavera restaurant is the best place for you. It is one of the most elegant Rincon Puerto Rico restaurants. This place is famous for its variety of dishes, well-dressed waiters, and marble flooring dining rooms. Some of the vegetable fricassee or lobster medallions in orange beurre blanc are a specialty of the Primavera restaurant.


Aguaviva restaurant is also famous for its seafood dishes, which are prepared by the renowned chef Hector Crespo. In the Spanish language, Aguaviva means Jellyfish, therefore the restaurant is well designed with Jellyfish shaped blue lights. The delicious seafood is prepared with Latin and Caribbean spices, and apart from this, you can get tropical cocktails as complementary. The raw bar in the dining room is an add-on for drink lovers. 

4: Bravo Beach hotel (BBH):

For the food lovers, BBH is the right place as the hotel serves a wide variety of delicious cuisines like steamed mussels, Risotto, prosciutto, calabaza, and tangy swordfish and many more. The site is also famous for its wine list that one can enjoy before having dinner. Apart from this, a great bunch of tropical cocktail is the specialty of this Rincon Puerto Rico restaurant.

5: Bebo’s cafe:

The best place to spend a fabulous time with your loved one is Bebo’s cafe. One can enjoy a beautiful sunset near sandy beaches by sitting in this restaurant. The very tasty mofongo, fried pork chops, and rice and beans are some of the specialties of this restaurant. Apart from this, the well-designed interior will provide you with an excellent experience.

6: BLT steak:

The BLT Steak restaurant is famous for its non-continental foods, which are prepared by a renowned chef of U.S. Laurent Tourondel. If you have visited the famous Manhattan incarnation, then the foods, interior, serving sense, and even utensils can be identified easily. It is because these all are mostly similar to Manhattan Incarnation. Apart from its delicious cuisines, the popular Rincon Puerto Rico restaurant is famous for its familiar serving sense. 

7: Bodega Chic:

The Bodega chic is famous for its two significant specialties: its relaxed atmosphere and its tasty cuisines, which are prepared by Chef Christophe Gourdain. The renowned chef of this restaurant has trained under the legendary chef Chef Christophe Gourdain. Apart from this, if we talk about the menu list of this popular restaurant, then you can enjoy here baked goat cheese, croustillant with eggplant caviar, and mussels Provençal. French fries with house-made garlic mayonnaise and many more.

8: Chez Shack:

The Chez Shack restaurant is famous for its grill night, which is arranged every Monday. One can enjoy delicious chicken and beef dishes in a musical atmosphere on grill nights. The owner of this popular restaurant, Hugg Duffy, formed the famous musical group Mamas and PaPas in 1960. The renowned musician group has been performing at Chez Shack every Monday since then. Apart from this, crab cakes are the specialty of this beautiful place.

9: Duffy’s:

The best place to visit in the afternoon to have lunch by watching the extraordinary views of beaches is Duffy’s restaurant. The Rincon Puerto Rico restaurant is owned by Mikey Duffy, who has designed this place, especially for hungry sunbathers. The site is famous for its bar-food like yummy crab cakes, veggie burgers, addictively good fried calamari—and the jocular vibe and many more. Apart from this, the eye-catching views of this property is an add-on for the tourists. 

10: EL Jibarito:

The people who love Spanish, African, and Indian foods to eat; El Jibarito is the best place in Rincon. Its owner’s wife, Alda, is a great and well-known chef who prepares all the delicious meals of this restaurant. The hotel is also famous for its larger space and well designed to enjoy a tasty lunch by watching the gorgeous views of beaches.


Hence, the Rincon mentioned above, Puerto Rico restaurants are the best restaurant. One can eat the delicacies of the place with all their heart. The best thing about the restaurants is that customer service is the priority of the employees. The dishes are being prepared by using the best cooking methods. People are trying to taste the delicacies of these restaurants at their visit. If you are also planning to visit the place, then try to have lunch and dinner in one of these restaurants. When an individual is on tour, he/she always tries to visit the restaurants to taste the local dishes. Hence, the restaurant is serving the recipes that are representing the local taste of the place. We have recommended the best restaurants, and now it’s your turn to visit the site. There are many other places available to visit and enjoy with the family. Taste the best out of the rest.

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