Where To Eat In Todos Santos And Pescadero In Mexico

Where To Eat In Todos Santos amp Pescadero

Let’s be real One of the best reasons to go to Mexico is to eat.

Well, that’s kind of the best reason to go to a lot of places, actually. But Mexico — with its rich culinary traditions, diverse regional cuisines, and innovative new wave of chefs wielding influence from Mexico City and beyond — is always one of our favorites. And Baja California Sur, and Todos Santos and Pescadero in particular, are no exception. The peninsula is edged by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sea of Cortez on other, making it a mecca for fresh seafood, while its temperate climate and system of natural aqueducts allow for a long growing season. All that, plus the long-time influence of international visitors means that the options for dining are as interesting as they are varied. Here, a few of our favorite places where we can eat in Todos, Santos and Pescadero.

1. Hierbabuena:

Hierbabuena offers charming and comfortable place of its guest like your own home. Arrive before sunset to enjoy the gorgeous view of the gardens at this rustic and lovely farm restaurant in Pescadero. Though the veg-centric menus changes daily, you can count on wood-fired pizzas, local-caught fish, and a handful of clever cocktails featuring super-fresh homegrown fruits and herbs.  This restaurant provides delicious and tasty foods of its customers. From here you gen get online delivery option and also in addition awesome outdoor plant vibes.

2. Caffe Todos Santos:

 Caffe Todos Santos is one of the standard and classical restaurants in Todos Santos. This restaurant was built in 1993 and it carries the magical grace of a village of old homes. Everyday many people are passing by to see their favorite stops. Super charming and classic with overgrown bougainvillea outside and old world, kitschy vibes inside, Caffe Todos Santos is the ideal spot to unwind over coffee and a nice slow breakfast. The deli huge sandwich, fresh salad, popular cobb salad, fruits, Greek-style cheese, soup etc can make your day pleasing. The thing to order is the cinnamon roll — but, be warned: it’s huge.

3. Miguel’s:

Located under a thatched roof on a busy corner a couple blocks from the historic downtown, Miguel’s is practically a Todos Santos institution. This restaurant is truly definition of tasty and delicious foods. Chicken fajitas are the most popular food here. There are many complements about this restaurant. If one time you eat here then you visit again and again. There great Mexican food available and order the food and get delivery quickly. Though it’s a tad touristy, it doesn’t matter: Owner Miguel is about as bighearted as come and the chile rellenos might be among the best you’ll ever have.

4. Tacos Y Mariscos Sinaloense:

We wandered into this blue-walled seafood joint one afternoon after the smiley-faced owner waved us over, and ended up having one of the best, cheapest lunches of our trip. The foods of this restaurant are ridiculously delicious ceviche, tasty fish tacos, and savory Micheledas. Be sure to try the signature sauce — an unami-rich combo of soy, jalapeño, garlic, and honey. If any time you visit this restaurant you should visit Tacos Y Mariscos Sinaloense with your family to take the taste of deliciousness. It gets best customer reviews for its delicious foods and services.

5. Free Souls:

Free Souls restaurant blends contemporary architecture, barefoot styles, exclusive boutiques and elegance. There is a small distance from the Cerritos Beach. Here vegetarian-friendly, vegan foods and gluten-free foods available in this restaurant. You can enjoy having delicious foods from here like pizza, seafood, etc. We spent a lot of time at Free Souls. Because, why not? It’s got a view of Cerritos Beach in one direction and the desert mountains the other; the food is really tasty (pizzas and whole fish with a Mediterranean spin); and there’s a salt water pool to swim in while you’re waiting for your muddled strawberry and tequila cocktail to arrive and wifi connection.

6. Baja Beans:

The park-like setting of this local coffee roasters cafe serves as Pescadero’s unofficial town square. Swing by for coffee and pastries any morning, or spend browse the lively artisan market that sets up shop Sunday mornings.

7. El Olivo:

So small, so sweet! We fell in love with this tiny cafe tucked into a palapa-topped hut on a side street near TS’ historic downtown. Swing by for a hot chocolate and a piece of cake. They also sell local spices, preserves, and herbs.

Above all the restaurants are most popular in Todos, Santos and Pescadero where you can eat delicious tasty foods and best customer services.

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