Signs your mattress needs replacement


Are you waking up with a sore back? Are you waking up sleepy? Do you feel uncomfortable and tired after a good sleep? Are you having a nonstressful life and still facing all the above problems? If your answers are yes, there is something wrong with your mattress.

Even the premium good quality mattress needs replacement and maintenance after 7 to 8 years for good performance. Due to some problems with the mattress, you can feel a lack of support every night. It would help if you found a replacement mattress for painless and stellar sleep.

But how do you know it needs replacement? Here are some signs that are found in mattresses that need urgent replacement.


It is the most visible sign for mattresses. Over the years, with continuous use of a mattress, it is possible that spring can break down, memory foam can get softer, and sometimes other material fibers can get compressed. All these symptoms can cause sagging of the mattress. Some minor sagging of 1 or 2 should be addressed. They can cause a lack of support in the body.

Memory foam firmness

Memory foam owners should know that their mattresses can either be too hard or too soft. It is due to their high sensitivity to temperature. Colder temperatures make it harder even in small rooms, while warm places make them softer. If you notice any slight variations in its firmness, then you need to change them soon shortly.


Mattress, over time, can harvest mites and allergens. They cause allergic reactions. If you find yourself sneezing more near the mattress or waking up with a stuffy nose, it’s time to check your mattress. Hypoallergenic materials like wool or latex are best if you have dust allergies or easily get allergies.

Waking up in pain

Sleeping is to recover your body from all the hard work you do throughout the day. But when you sleep in your bed and don’t feel comfortable, it can make you sick and irritated. When your bed is degrading and softening, it can cause severe pain in the body. This is because the mattress cannot provide proper support to the body.

Frequently waking up at night.

Suppose you notice that you frequently wake at night, especially due to uncomfortable sleeping. If you can’t fall asleep easily or adjust your position at night, then it indicates that your mattress needs replacing.


The padding of the mattress is shaped over time. If you find any lump in the mattress or uneven density, it means that the mattress is not supporting the way it is supposed to be. The uncomfortable pressure point, especially in low-quality material, can be the root cause of many diseases.


If you notice more than one sign on your mattress, you need to replace it. You can find more information on online mattresses at sleep republic. A good mattress is crucial for quality sleep and a healthy human body.

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