Few Famous Restaurants Nearby CRATE CAFE, BALI

crate cafe bali

It is kind of hard to miss Crate Cafe: Just look for the most crowded place on Canggu’s Jalan Batu Bolong road. If that sounds like some sort of veiled dig, it is not. Some places are crowded for a reason, and this is one of them.

Of the many breakfasts eaten over the last few years, the ones at Crate Café Bali remain etched most deeply in my mind. Driving up on a scooter, salty-faced and wet from the sea, with fingers crossed that there’d be just one empty table amongst the mass of mop-headed surfers downing flat whites and watermelon juice — and always being welcomed in with a laid-back wave by owner Maree, no matter how busy it was.

“Keep it consistent, keep it simple,” she would laugh when we would ask her the secret behind the success of her Bondi Beach-inspired cafe. True to her motto, every meal at crate cafe bali hotel is just as tasty as the last — so tasty that when we left Bali we took copious notes on how to create our favorite dish, a peas, pesto, and avocado-loaded sourdough toast called Peas Please, for ourselves. Which is a good thing: Thanks to the amazing menu of healthy options and super good vibes, we will be dreaming of Crate Cafe from afar for a very long time.


The café coffee house, the acai plates finished with wonderful new fruits, green smoothies, eggs all ways, and really the whole thing besides. There are gluten-free options and prosperity of vegan treats, too. Crate hosts usual exhibits of labor from local creatives and is unlock for mealtime and lunch Monday through Sunda.

Some Of The Famous Restaurant And Café In Bali

Restaurant or café is a place where we can sit for some moment having with some food or tea and coffee to spend that time. Most of the time, we visit these places with our friends and family. In the restaurants, we go there just to eat some delicious dishes. In addition in the café bar or house, probably you will get various types of coffees. In crate cafe bali menu list one can see all the dishes or recipes in it. Now let us have a look on few restaurants and cafes near bali.

1. Alchemy Restaurant, Bali:

In this restaurant, you will have both tasty dishes and coffee too. It is restaurant come a café house place. This café house is almost 13 km far away from alchemy restaurant. The crate cafe bali is the most popular café house in Bali after that this alchemy restaurant holds the place.

2. Livingstone Café Coffee And Bakery, Bali:

The crate café bali west offers many dishes to their visitors. Same as this café house offers many bakery items and different types coffees. Around 30 km away from crate café house one will find this bakery as well as café house in Bali. If you want to spend some quality time with your friends or family then you can visit this place with them.

3. The Farmer Brews Café Coffee In Bali:

This is a place where you do not have to pay any entry fees like you pay in crate cafe bali entry fee. Both the food recipes and coffees one can get from place. If you want to have visual surrounding atmosphere then you can check out this farmer brews café.

4. Canvas Café Coffee In Bali:

It is an amazing café come restaurant in Bali. From the crate restaurant Bali, one can get this coffee house. People who are interested in long driving or long travel this place will be a perfect option for them. It situated quite far in distance from the crate café. The prices of all the items are very reasonable to afford for any normal person.

5. Rise And Shine Coffee Café In Bali:

If you want to start a great day then you can start your day having breakfast in this restaurant come coffee place. You will get to see an amazing garden within this café as like crate cafe bali garden. There in this place the café authorities introduce some games for the little kids to enjoy themselves. Therefore, it is a perfect place to visit in overall aspects.

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