Ten best study abroad programs 2020

best study abroad programs 2020

In today’s world, a decent education plays a critical role in determining your life’s quality. As such, many people are seeking various educational destinations to gain quality exposure from reputable institutions.

Owing to the high demand for study abroad programs, the internet is rife with programs ranging from cons to impersonators.

This article covers the best study abroad programs of 2020, thus helping you choose a program that satisfies your needs. Also, write my term paper ranks as an ideal destination for professional help with college study and research.

American Institute for Foreign Study: Barcelona

Spain boasts of diverse regional identities and a myriad of cultures. Like other top-tier institutions, the AIFS offers quality material and infrastructure, thus propelling your career development.

Besides its vast cultures, AIFS offers various programs, thus allowing you to settle for a degree that is aligned with your career path. The courses are delivered in Spanish and English, making this an ideal option for natives and bilingual students.

After joining AIFS, you may either opt to live in a Spanish homestay or incur an extra cost to occupy a student apartment. Compared to most study abroad programs, AIFS ranks among the more affordable options for accessing various quality programs.

IES Abroad Vienna – Music Year Programs

This is an ideal program for students majoring in music. IES Vienna ranks among the best programs for exposure to musical and performance concepts.

Alike the former, Vienna boasts a diversity of cultures and vast musical heritage. The historical musical maestros and Philharmonic orchestra rank among the elements that make the ‘city of music’ an ideal prospect for music lovers.

Elon University: USA

Elon ranks among the great choices that expose you to the diverse American culture and quality intern experiences. Like the AIFS, Elon offers you a wide variety of programs and ensures quality support, thus promotes, quality, affordable learning experiences.

Among the outstanding features of Elon university is the on-site alumni support, which gives you pre-exposure to your field, thus enabling all-rounded career development.

CSA Budget Low-Cost Beijing Language and Culture University

The CSA ranks among few studies abroad programs with a rich history and cultural diversity. This institution for studying Chinese takes in students of any GPA and exposes you to Chinese culture.

Unlike most programs, the CSA language program exposes you to concepts of tone, pronunciation, phonetics, and communicative tools that are essential for the effortless speaking of Chinese.

College Year in Athens: Study Abroad in Greece

Greece ranks as a quality destination not only for travelers but also for students. This program offers you various courses and helps you advance your knowledge and skills in various fields.

GT-Shenzhen- Study Engineering in China

Shenzhen is a base for many high-tech companies in China. This is an excellent base for students aiming to advance their engineering skills in various fields.

Although it is a summer program, the GT-Shenzhen program earns participants 8-10 college credits with coursework including but not limited to Mandarin classes, statistics, electronics, and engineering.

CIEE Community Development, Language, and Culture in Iringa

Tanzania is a go-to destination for experiencing the African culture while partnering with local NGOs to create solutions for local communities’ problems.

This allows you to practice various community development concepts while enjoying various cultures and sites in Tanzania.

IES Abroad Siena: Tradition and Cuisine in Tuscany

Italy is the cradle for many popular diets and beverages that grace the bills of fare worldwide. Siena offers you a first-hand experience with cuisines and cultures surrounding various meals, thus making you a maestro in preparing and presenting meals.

Heredia Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an excellent destination for those seeking to improve their mastery of the Spanish language. Besides partaking in numerous activities, the program allows you to interact with various people, thus maximizing your learning experiences.

Meiji Academy – Study Japanese in Fukuoka

Meiji is among the few study abroad destinations for the Japanese. Meiji allows you to select your classes’ flexibility with options to attend large classes to private settings.

Like other Lingual studies abroad programs, Meiji allows you to interact with locals, thus boosting Japanese mastery.

Final Verdict

Studying abroad is a gratifying experience that allows you to interact with various concepts and immerse yourself in various cultures. The options tackled in this article ranks among the best study programs 2020 for affordable learning and exposure to various heritages and destinations.

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