It is a known truth that there is no scarcity of content on the internet as it is full of series, movies, documentaries and what not which you can use to entertain yourself. However, if you are well aware of what entertains you and what does not, then it becomes easier for you to choose which shows you want to watch. If you are a fan of serious shows or shows which despite being comedic in nature dealt with serious themes, then you should definitely check out the following Netflix series which are currently available on Netflix.


The story of a simple sheriff who is dealing with the loss of his wife and is appointed at Absaroka County of Wyo is going to keep you entertained till the very end. With six seasons released, The Next Hint was expecting the release of Longmire season 7 just like the fans of the show, but it is highly unlikely that it is going to happen.


When it comes to serious shows which explore the mentality of a serial killer, then there is hardly any which comes closer to Dexter. Dexter is an extremely well-made series that has impressed millions of people across the world with its story and characters. The lead character of the show is what makes this an engaging watch and you should not get surprised if you ever come across someone who loves the protagonist despite his gruesome deeds.


A medical drama that eventually led to the creation of a lot of shows which shared the same theme. The show has been around since 2005 and currently is seventeen seasons strong. It is highly recommended that you watch this show to know about the ups and downs in the life of medical professionals and how they deal with them.


A historical drama that focuses on the life of a woman in the times of World War II and how her life changes when she is sent back in time to the year 1743. It is an extremely engaging drama that has multiple twists and turns to keep the audience hooked.


The journey of a young girl to become one of the most fierce drug lords managed to gain the interest of a lot of viewers. The compelling crime drama is five seasons strong and you are certainly going to enjoy every episode of this show.
These shows are known to have a wide fan following because of their stories, characters, and production quality. Some of these shows have ended and fans are demanding that the shows must get revived, but the makers have no plans for that as of now. This has disheartened the fans of a lot of shows because they were eagerly waiting for the stories of their favorite series to move forward, but now that there is no hope left for renewal of the shows they love, they are turning to other shows so that they can have some fun.

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