Traveling while studying Full-Time

Traveling While Studying Full-Time

You can turn your college life into an adventure, even if you are studying full-time. You can use your summer breaks and weekends to leave an imprint with traveling memories. Here are some recommendations on how to fulfill your aspirations.

Make a short trip during the weekend

Many people tend to travel overseas and frequently forget that they can find beauty without leaving their home country. You can spontaneously make a little trip to the nearest sightseeing location to reboot from study activities. If you have too many homework tasks, you always have the option to pay someone to write an essay.

Explore interesting places which take an hour or more on the bus or train. Go to the ocean, visit parks and other sites. Even with a tight budget, you can use public transportation and book an affordable place for an overnight stay.

Take part in societies and college clubs

Some universities and colleges have ski clubs (e.g., Harvard Ski Club, Trine University Ski Club). Students travel to the mountains and spend time snowboarding and skiing, spending Christmas break on skies and enjoying beautiful snow views. Sounds attractive? Even if you have never tried any winter sports, the community will gladly give you practical lessons and support. Moreover, universities collaborate with ski travel agencies so that the cost will be even lower.

Also, a good option is to go hiking. Find out information about hiking clubs near you or enroll in the college hiking society. You can participate in river rafting, kayaking, and mountain climbing if you enjoy active sports.

Plan your trip ahead

First, we recommend you make a list of places you wish to visit. Check Tripadvisor and list countries, particular cities, spots in your town, and locations within your home country you want to see in the near future. Think about when you can schedule a trip and how much money you need. Subscribe to travel agency newsletters, internship opportunities, student exchange programs, etc.

Whether you wish to use your summer break or Sunday for a short trip, planning is your key to success and money savers. Many hotels offer discounted rates if you book a stay ahead of time. You may also get a discount on tickets and entire tours as an early bird.

Use your summer break

All exams have been left behind when the course year is over. It’s an ideal time for an adventure! Students have a wide variety of opportunities, from internship programs to language courses in various countries.

Check your college’s official website or visit the college office to get information on whether your college offers traveling opportunities for students abroad during the summer.

Google for student traveling agencies to get more traveling options on a low budget. For example, you can look for educational tours, which include flight, traveling programs, activities, accommodation, and food.

By the way, you can plan your trip on your own and be the boss of where to live and what to eat. Ask your friend or classmate to become your companion and plan activities together.

Enroll in an internship

The length of internships abroad may take from 4 to 24 weeks. You won’t lose your education time if the training is based on an education program or a particular college and university. If the program involves work experience, arranging such a trip during summer break will be better.

Mainly, internships involve accommodation, airport transfer, health insurance, and cultural events. Choose the program with the desired destination and conditions.

Make a week out of college

Some colleges and universities allow their students to be absent for a week. Make sure you have read all requirements for the course, and your absence won’t affect your final grades.

If you can take a week out, you need an appropriate plan. Before you leave, all your assignments should be done upfront. If possible, submit your papers before the deadline, or take their copies to Cloud storage on a laptop or flash card. Check whether you can access all study materials online and download all necessary information on the laptop (in case you won’t find Wifi). Also, check the access to the portal to complete online tests, submit papers, etc.

Another necessary thing is to plan your studying time. If you are traveling with a companion or group, set a time in the everyday schedule of your journey. If you don’t want to lose your scores, take planning seriously and be sure your companions understand your situation.

Make sure you have prepared your laptop, got a charger, a power bank, and other study supplies you will need during your remote studying. Moreover, check whether you have adapters if you travel into the country with different plugs.


While you are a full-time student, you can still find time for traveling. Enjoy short trips, go hiking, or use your summer to the fullest. All you need is to plan your journey and enjoy your student years.

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