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Virar Resorts

Are you prepared to embark on a spectacular vacation adventure by selecting the Virar resort, which outfits with the top amenities and features? These resorts give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in luxury by providing opulent suites with elegant interiors. However, one such housing choice is the Hill View Village resort. Modern amenities are available at this resort nestled in the arms of nature.

All visitors to the fascinating location who stay at the Virar resort undoubtedly experience a homelike stay. And sure, the Island Club Resort is a luxurious hotel with family rooms and suites for the utmost comfort. Manna’s resort will be a dream come true experience for you if you’re looking for beach feelings to go along with your vacation.

Plan your stay at one of these luxurious resorts, and its warm hospitality and top-notch amenities will make you want to return again and again.

Here Is a Few Of Virar’s Best Resorts:

There are the best 10 Virar resorts with their location, price, and amenities. 

1. Hill View Village Resort:

This resort is the ideal choice for lodging because it was constructed with a beautiful design and includes lush green grass for holding activities. This resort believed as the best in Virar because it has rooms that are big and terraces, as well as a gym and an entertainment area with live music. This Virar-area resort also arranges events like boating and picnics on the beach.

Location: Parol Naka, Bhiwandi Rd, Virar (E),, Near Great Escape, Mumbai, Maharashtra 401303

Price per person: Rs. 3097

Luxuries: The pool, housekeeping, bar, lawn, and children’s play area are available as amenities.

2. Nisarg Resort:

This three-star, the opulent resort welcomes you with spacious rooms that feature the greatest interior architecture for a relaxing stay. The fact that this Virar resort offers both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms makes it even simpler for travelers to select the best deal for their needs and budget.

It is one of the top resorts in Virar for a luxurious stay because it also features outdoor pools with waterslides for kids.

Location: Virar, Maharashtra 401302 Arnala Beach, Arnala – Kacheri Pada, Taluka Vasai, District Palghar

Price per person: Rs. 650

Luxuries: Amenities include a sizable playground, a lush green lawn, a pool, and parking places.

3. Anand Resort:

As you prepare for your stay at the Anand Resort, which is renowned for its innovative design and superior service, enfold yourself in the utmost comfort and elegance. It boasts opulent, colorful rooms with stunning interior design and vintage furnishings. Additionally, it offers a water park where you may enjoy entertaining water-based games for an unforgettable visit.

Location: Arnala, Virar West, Virar, Maharashtra 401302 Anand Farm

Cost: Rs. 800-1000

Luxuries: Free breakfast, an outdoor pool, free WiFi, air conditioning, pools, and slides are available as amenities.

4. Peace Of Nature Resort:

This eco-friendly resort, situated in Virar West, gives guests the greatest views of the surrounding landscape. They have a courteous and accommodating staff that takes care of all your needs. This is one of the top resorts in Virar, offering spacious rooms that are furnished with rustic furnishings and modern décor to give guests a pleasant stay.

Location: Vaity Wadi, Navapur, Virar West, Virar, Maharashtra 401301 Rajodi-Navapur Road

Price: 500-1000 rupees

Luxuries: Complimentary wifi, a garden, a pool, and free breakfast are all amenities.

5. Visava Waterpark & Beach Resort:

This resort in the vicinity of Virar is a haven of class and comfort with first-rate amenities. Additionally, it has the largest rain dance floor and a DJ music system to keep you engaged constantly. This visava resort Virar is well-known for its opulent architecture and chic accommodations, which give guests the impression that they are staying in a beautiful environment.

Location: Virar, Maharashtra 401301, Vanity Wadi, close to Navapur Naka

Cost: Rs. 600-800

Luxuries: Four sizable swimming pools, a coconut tree-lined area, thrilling water slides, and a sizable parking area are the amenities.

6. Nakshatra Resort:

Due to its extensive services and captivating architecture, this resort, which is situated in the suburb of Virar, attracts attention. It guarantees the highest level of entertainment with features like a DJ music system and a rain dance. A selection of delectable meals is a necessity for any vacation, and this resort does not fall short in that regard.

Location: Virar(w) through Arnala S.T.Pada Road, Opp Prabhat Colony, Thane, Maharashtra 401302

Price: Rs 800-1600  

Luxuries: A children’s play area, garden, and safe parking are available as amenities.

7. Mati County Hill Resort:

A fantasy staycation would be perfect at this stunning resort, which is surrounded by mountains and a verdant landscape. Included in the services is a two-meal package consisting of breakfast, lunch, and high tea in the evening. Additionally, the resort provides you with opulent, large accommodations with exquisite interiors.

You also have the option to tailor your stay to your comfort thanks to flexible check-in and check-out times.

Location: Virar east Medha Phata, Bhinar Rd, Village-Bhinar Vajreshwari Mandir Road, Maharashtra 401303

Cost: Rs 699

Luxuries: Access to the swimming pool and free parking are provided as amenities. Volleyball is also available outside.

8. Maanas Resort:

There are designated play areas and activities at this opulent resort close to Virar for children. For a more enjoyable stay, visitors are also welcome to bring their pets with them. Additionally, it includes a little private beach where you may shell hunt and create castles.

The resort is filled with opulent, spacious bedrooms. This location also provides a breakfast and lunch buffet to meet your usual dietary needs.

Location: Arnala, Virar West, Navapur-Umbergothan Rd, Mumbai, Maharashtra 401302

Cost: Rs. 700

Luxuries: Free parking, a DJ, a swimming pool, and luggage storage are available amenities.

9. Island Club Resort:

This resort is opulent and provides you with huge rooms with top-notch beds for the greatest comfort while you’re on your vacation. This particular resort in Virar offers suites and family accommodations where you may unwind with your family. It is one of the top resorts in Vasai Virar since it has indoor and outdoor game areas for children as well as a water park.

Location: Virar, Maharashtra 401303 Khanivade, Umbar Pada, Hedavde, Ahmedabad Highway

Cost: Rs. 1332

Luxuries: complimentary breakfast, parking, conference rooms, tennis courts, and free internet

10. Green Paradise Resort:

This green paradise resort Virar offers both ordinary and opulent accommodations to give you a regal stay. The resort’s stunning modern architecture goes perfectly with its first-rate service, leaving you in awe of its splendor.

You’ll have the impression of being in the middle of nature when staying here because it is tucked away among coconut orchards and palm trees. The apartments are opulently furnished with contemporary interiors and are very roomy.

Location: Virar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 401303, 11 Arnala Beach

Cost: Rs. 2941

Luxuries: include a giant water slide, an air-conditioned conference room, a separate pool for women that respects their privacy, a spacious lawn area, and plenty of parking.

What Are The Best Place To Visit Near Virar?

Here is a list of the top places to go in the area of Virar resort.

Fort Bassein:

Fort Bassein is a sizable fort that features Indo-Portuguese-style construction. It features three chapels with well-preserved barrel-vaulted ceilings.

Suruchi Beach:

Enjoy the magnificent sunset at Suruchi Beach, which has a huge coastline, is less crowded, and provides you with some quiet time in nature.

Vajreshwari Temple:

Visit the Vajreshwari Temple, which devotes to the goddess Vajeshwari, to find happiness and everlasting serenity. It has hot springs, which are renowned for curing a variety of skin conditions.

Tungareshwar Waterfall:

This is a paradise location for anyone seeking to take images that would appear well on social media. For hikers, the uphill excursions to the waterfall are paradise.

Which Are The Popular Luxury Resorts In Virar?

The well-known luxury resorts in Virar are as follows:

Oasis Resort:

The Oasis Resort is a three-star, opulent resort with first-rate amenities like a patio, a garden, a swimming pool, and a restaurant on site.

Green Paradise Resort:

This resort offers opulent rooms with vibrant colors and antique furniture where you may experience unmatched luxury and comfort.

Swagat Beach Resort:

Prepare to experience luxury at the Swagat Beach Resort, which is renowned for its warm hospitality and amenities including a swimming pool, garden, and spa.

Tulsi Farm House Resorts:

Enjoy your stay at this resort, which features swimming pools, dance floors, water slides, and a DJ system, to experience royalty like never before.

Which Virar Resorts Are Best For Couples?

These are the top resorts for couples that you can find in Virar.

Visava Resort Virar:

With its opulent suites and first-rate amenities like an outdoor pool, parking, and an on-site restaurant, this resort is perfect for a romantic getaway.

Blue Wave Resort:

Couples will find elegance and comfort at the oceanfront Blue Wave Resort, which also features a restaurant, water park, wave pool, and swimming pool.

Vihang Vihar Farm:

Plan your stay at the resort with opulent rooms and first-rate infrastructure, Vihang Vihar Farm, to elevate your romantic experience.

Dhuri Resort:

Prepare for your ideal staycation at the Dhuri Resort, which has a restaurant, a café, and an outdoor pool.

What Is The Price Range Of Virar Resort?

The resorts in Virar are very affordable. They fluctuate between 1500 and 5000 per night.

U Tan Sea Resort:

This four-star establishment boasts outdoor swimming pools, a restaurant, and a tennis court in addition to accommodations with garden views. The nightly rate for the rooms is between $400 and $5000.

Sealord Resort:

The Sealord Resort is an exotic resort with two acres of land that features lounges, swimming pools, and a kids’ activity area. Prices for the rooms range from Rs 1600 to 2400.

Patil Resort:

The price range for the exquisite rooms at the Patil Resort, which have a terrace and an attached bathroom, starts at around Rs 3000–4000.

Kalwa Resort:

The oceanfront Kalwa Resort offers first-rate amenities like free parking, a buffet, outdoor pools, a game room, and a garden. It costs between Rs. 1500 and Rs. 2000.

Which Are The Top Budget Resorts In Virar?

Here is a list of Virar’s best cheap resorts.

Swagat Beach Resort: 

Swagat Beach Resort is a low-cost resort that provides first-rate accommodations, swimming pools, live DJs, and many other amenities for only Rs. 500–600.

Peace Of Nature Resort:

Enjoy your stay at Peace of Nature Resort, a low-cost hotel that features spacious rooms, a garden, free wifi, and an on-site restaurant for only Rs 600–1000.

Mati County Hill: 

If you’re seeking a cheap place to stay, take advantage of this resort’s well-furnished rooms, play area, free parking, and wifi for just Rs 600 during your trip.

Anand Resort:

The Anand Resort At this hotel, which features opulent rooms with stylish décor, you can immerse yourself in luxury and comfort. It also provides a garden, a facility with a 24-hour assistance desk, and a restaurant for only Rs 1000. 


Hope you got all the details of the 10 best Virar resorts by reading this post. Virar, on the other hand, is a beach city in the Indian district of Palghar called Vasai. North of Mumbai, on the western coast of Maharashtra, is Virar. The entire year, this location has a warm, muggy climate. Virar manages to be a popular tourist destination despite being close to Mumbai’s always hectic lifestyle for a variety of causes.

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