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Maredumilli Resorts

We’ll talk about some notable maredumilli resorts today. Among these are the well-known resorts Bird Nest, Vana Bihari, Jungle Star Eco Camp, Bamboo Hut, Wood, Green Island, and many others. The most well-known resort there is Woods Resort Meredumilli, though. There are also other additional resorts that are appropriate for guest stays.  

If you enjoy the outdoors and want to learn about the tribal culture of the area, Maredumilli is one of the best locations. Maredumilli has a lot of hills. It locates in rivers and deep in the bush. Waterfalls become full during the rainy seasons, and several campaign areas become accessible during the winter, which is a popular time for Andhra Pradesh residents to go on picnics.

However, the woods resort maredumilli and Ratnagiri Resort offer cottage-style accommodations along with amenities like a poolside bar, indoor games, high-speed wi-fi, and much more. 

Maredumilli resorts do not lose out on providing an opulent experience. As a result, Aranya Eco Resort ensures that you will get a close-up view of nature with a variety of outdoor pursuits like planting, fishing, boating, cycling, and nature walks.

Which Month Is Best To Visit Maredumili?

First of all, know when you should visit Maredumilli. Post-monsoon is the best time to visit Maredumilli since the forest turns green and the waterfall is wet. This area experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoon season, and the route to the waterfalls is exceedingly slick.

Why Should You Stay At Resorts In Maredumilli? 

First, we will discuss why you should stay at a resort in Maredumilli. However, numerous enjoyable activities are available at maredumilli resorts:

  • The resort offers a convenient shuttle service to the airport, railroad station, and bus stop.
  • The majority of resorts offer child care.
  • In a resort, you can get all the amenities and services you need.
  • You can choose the resort based on the variety of maredumilli resort price range and maximum deal facilities.
  • Resorts provide leisure activities.
  • The resorts always provide a high level of security, so you may feel secure when travelling.
  • When you stay at a resort, you can savour a variety of meals.
  • Resorts are the ideal setting for relaxation and stress relief.

Here Are Some Of The Best Resorts In Maredumilli:

1. Birds Nest Resorts:

This resort, completed in 2012, ensures that you can stay in the forest. This Maredumilli resort, which spans 15 acres, encourages ecotourism and provides lodging for more than 100 visitors. One of Maredumilli’s top resorts, it offers both camping experiences and enjoyable outdoor activities.

Location: State Highway 41, close to Geddada, Ramannavalasa, Andhra Pradesh 533295, Birds Nest Resorts & Tourism

Price: ranges between Rs. 3000 and Rs. 3500. The cost of a day trip is INR 500 for adults and INR 300 for kids, respectively.

Comforts: An outdoor pool, multi-cuisine restaurant, water slides, outdoor activities, tribal dance, and more amenities are available.

Distance From Maredumilli: 16-kilometre distance from Maredumilli.

2. Woods Resort Maredumilli:

This wood-framed resort has a cottage-style decor, as the name would imply. However, there is an outdoor pool and lush grounds at the woods resort maredumilli cottages with individual balconies. Surrounded by greenery, this resort has a tranquil atmosphere.

Location: Maredumilli, Andhra Pradesh 533295, The Woods Resort, HNTC Site

Price: The cost of a two-day excursion is INR 4500 for adults and INR 4000 for kids.

Comforts: Among the luxuries are a brown wooden interior, a private parking space, an outdoor swimming pool, a 24-hour reception, plush beds and adequate natural light.

Distance From Maredumilli: Maredumilli is 15 kilometres away.

3. Bamboo Hut Resorts:

This resort at Maredumilli in Kashmir, South India, offers some gorgeous views of the Godavari river and the Papikondalu hills. A campfire, barbecue, and a variety of recreational activities are all available at this eco-friendly resort in addition to a buffet including Indian and Continental cuisine. You have a choice of accommodations, including bamboo huts, tents, and mud-plaster homes.

Location: 507121 Kolluru in Andhra Pradesh

Price: The tariff ranges from INR 1200 to INR 2000 per night for each room.

Comforts: A multi-cuisine restaurant, air conditioning, indoor and outdoor activities, bird watching, lush green gardens, and more.

Distance From Maredumilli: 200-kilometre distance from Maredumilli.

4. Sun Rise Valley Resorts: 

15 immaculate rooms at Sunrise Valley Resort Vaduvanchal offer comfortable lodging in Wayanad and come furnished with the necessities. The hotel has 15 rooms available for guests to choose from. The hotel offers three different types of rooms: Suite Cottage, Romantic Cottage, and Deluxe Cottage.

Location: Tyagaraja Nagar, Godavari Bund Rd, near the Jodugulla Temples, Rajahmundry, 533101.

Price: Sunrise Valley Resort cost. Luxury Cottages For 4 People Cost Rs. 4000; Each Additional Person Costs Rs. 500.

Comforts: Swimming pool, DIY indoor and outdoor activities, board games, bonfire, nature walk, and other amenities are available.

Distance From Maredumilli: Maredumilli is 105 kilometres away.

5. Aranya Eco Resorts:

Aranya Eco Resort is one of the most notable maredumilli resorts that invites you to a setting brimming with modern amenities and awe-inspiring natural beauty. You can take advantage of an outdoor swimming pool, a fine dining restaurant, and a separate play area for children. You can engage in outdoor pursuits like sailing, fishing, cycling, bird watching, nature walks, and swinging sofas while you’re surrounded by vegetation.

Location: Rampachodavaram, Andhra Pradesh 533295, 105-2, Sunnampadu, Maredumilli, East Godavari District

Price: A couple’s room costs as little as INR 2900 per night.

Comforts: There are several amenities available, including a 24-hour front desk, a lush green garden, air conditioning, in-room television, a wardrobe, and free toiletries.

Distance From Maredumilli: 11 kilometres separate from Maredumilli from there.

6. Ratnagiri Resorts:

This large resort in Maredumilli, designed with the Atrium concept, offers enough space for a full family on a wonderful budget. This resort is in East Godavari and is surrounded by lush vegetation. The room has a view of the lovely green surroundings. The rooms are tastefully decorated and come with all the essential amenities and cosy bedding.

Location: East Godavari, Annavaram, National Highway 5, 533406.

Price: The cost of a room per night for a couple starts at INR 2500.

Comforts: Indoor games, Wi-Fi, laundry, a kids’ play area, a multi-cuisine restaurant, lake view accommodations, and other amenities are available.

Distance From Maredumilli: 100 kilometres via the Rajahmundry-Bhadrachalam highway separate from Maredumilli.

7. Vana Vihari Resorts:

This resort, one of the maredumilli resorts, is situated in God’s own country and provides a variety of amenities. It has a centre for educating people about traditional medicine, coffee and pepper plantations, a preserve for Vali Sugriva medicinal plants, a place to observe wildlife, and camping in the jungle. You’ll experience the natural world up close at this resort.

Location: The Vanavihari Eco-tourism Complex is situated in Maredumilli, Andhra Pradesh.

Price: Nightly room rates range from INR 1250 to INR 3000, with options including Bison Cottage, Wooden Cottage, Deluxe Rooms, and more.

Comforts: Many outdoor activities, High-Speed Wi-Fi, Power Backup, a restaurant with a breakfast buffet, air conditioning, and comfortable beds are available as amenities.

Distance From Maredumilli: 1 kilometre separates this location from Maredumilli.

Services Offered By The Best Maredumilli Resorts:

All the services offered by Best Meredumily Resort are mentioned below:

  • Wellness facilities
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Concierge 
  • Daily housekeeping 
  • Entertainment
  • Kids clubs
  • Multiple restaurants 

What’s Great About It?

In the Andhra Pradesh state’s East Godavari district is the peaceful hamlet of Maredumilli. Maredumilli can be the perfect place for you to experience a bit of Kerala if you haven’t been there before. This area is like something out of a picture book for kids, with lush vegetation, and coffee and pepper farms. 

Visit this area to experience the unique tribal culture and take a trip to waterfalls like Jalatarangini, Amruthadhara, and Swarnandhra. One of the must-do activities, while you’re here, is to sample the local food. 

Two of their delicacies, Bamboo Chicken and Bamboo Biryani (also known as Bongu Lo Biryani), draw customers from Rajahmundry. Yes, they do travel to this village on the weekends specifically for the Bamboo Chicken, and according to what we were told, every restaurant is quite busy and orders must be placed an hour in advance. 

We suggest Gouri Mess to those of you who would like to sample these meals.

How To Reach Maredumilli? 

Maredumilli is a small village on the way from Rajahmundry to Bhadrachalam. Tourists visit Maredumilli from nearby areas covering Rajahmundry, Vizag, Kakinada etc. 

Visitors from Hyderabad and from other parts of AP visit this Maredumilli place. Basically, some visitors come for a day trip and return in the evening to Rajahmundry and other places. 

Maredumilli is 120 KM from Bhadrachalam. It will take three hours from Maredumilli to reach Bhadrachalam. Maredumilli is between Bhadrachalam and Rajamundry. The road to Maredumilli starts from Rajahmundry and passes through Gokavaram, Rampachodavaram, and Maredumilli.

The distance between Maredumilli from Visakhapatnam is 225 KM and it will take 4 hours. If you are coming from Visakhapatnam then take a right turn at Jaggampeta ( after 155 KM from Visakhapatnam on NH 5) and join Rajahmundry Bhadrachalam road at Gokavaram.

What To See At Maredumilli?

Below are the interesting things to see in Maredumili:

Jalatharangini Waterfalls:

In the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, close to Maredumilli, on the Rajahmundry-Bhadrachalam Highway, lies a small waterfall known as Amruthadhara. This tiny waterfall is in full flow during the monsoon and would be a paradise for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Amruthara Falls:

Amruthadhara is a small waterfall situated on the Rajahmundry – Bhadrachalam Highway near Maredumilli in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. During monsoon, this small waterfall is in a full gush and would be heaven for nature lovers.

Manyam Viewpoint:

In the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, Manyam Viewpoint is a lookout point close to Maredumilli on the Rajahmundry-Bhadrachalam Highway. It is one of the best spots for nature lovers to visit because of the tall rhododendron trees, steep hills, and flowering sub-alpine shrubs and herbs.


On the banks of the Godavari River in Andhra Pradesh is Rajahmundry, also known as Rajamahendravaram. Adikavi Nannayya, who created the Telugu language, was born there. One of the top things you absolutely must visit while in Vizag is Rajamundry.


On the banks of the Godavari River, in the Telangana State district of Khammam, is the pilgrimage town of Bhadrachalam. 39 kilometres from Kothagudem, 115 from Khammam, 178 from Rajahmundry, 182 from Vijayawada, 352 from Vizag, and 312 from Hyderabad are distances from this location.

Bhadrachalam, a popular tourist site close to Hyderabad, is well-known for the illustrious Sri Rama Temple built in the 17th century.

Sokuleru Vagu Viewpoint:

East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh’s Bhadrachalam-Maredumilli Road is home to the captivating Sokuleru Vagu Viewpoint. From this viewpoint, one can capture some stunning images with the backdrop of heavily forested hills.

Bhupathipalem Reservoir:

East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh’s Bhadrachalam-Maredumilli Road is home to the captivating Sokuleru Vagu Viewpoint. From this viewpoint, one can capture some stunning images with the backdrop of heavily forested hills.

Final Word: 

However, Maredumilli resorts provide a selection of traditional-style lodging options, from cosy couple’s suites to large family suites. Resorts make sure to offer traditional dishes that will immerse you in the Maredumilli environment. The majority of the resorts in this area place a strong emphasis on environmental preservation and teach you about it while you’re there.

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