5 Must-See Places to Throw On Your Bucket List

By on December 4, 2021

Where the spoken words fail, pictures capture the moment.

Travelling gives us a chance to explore picturesque locations, immerse in diverse cultures, and appreciate the sublime beauty of our planet.  Additionally, travelling teaches us invaluable lessons that we can’t learn anywhere else, by simply expanding our minds and worldview.

While each traveller has their tastes and preferences, from the posh traveller exploring the planet in the lap of luxury to the adventurous souls hiking and backpacking their way through it, each destination travelled pushes you to become a stronger, better and even more empathetic human.

That said, it’s time to pack up, belt up your travel gear, your mind and body and head over to your next destination.

Which places do we think you should throw into your 5 must-see bucket lists?

1.   Enjoy the charm of Santorini, Greece

Santorini has a rough landscape but does not let that deter you; it’s part of the allure.

As one of the Cycladic islands located between Crete and Athens and part of the Aegean Sea, Santorini boasts of cubiform, whitewashed houses with colourful decorative flowers and deep sapphire domes covering the buildings.

Wander around the streets of Oia and discover the blue domes, bright white houses and cosy taverns. You will get in your daily exercise as you go up and down the many steps.

Head over to Agia Ekaterini to watch the captivating sunsets.

For shopping lovers, head over to Fira and explore the many stores as you sample the sumptuous Greece fare.

 When at Fira, check out the real eye-catcher of the town – the hidden chapel and the narrow back streets.

For lifetime memories, grab your camera and capture the magnificent beauty of Santorini pearly white and blue-domed buildings.

A bright teal door in one home, a beautiful red gate over here and a vibrant yellow wall over there add a perfect pop to the natural backdrop.

Whether spending a lazy afternoon with the locals or on a wine tasting tour, stepping foot in Santorini Island is akin to walking into the beauty of a postcard.

2.   See the captivating Northern Lights, Iceland

For every traveller, witnessing the beauty of the Aurora Borealis provides one of life’s most outstanding achievements and pleasures.

Whether it’s just catching the vivacious crimson or privy lines or the delicate green glow streaking across the majestic horizon, the aurora borealis is an unforgettable and breathtaking spectacle.

To enjoy the Aurora Borealis, head over to Vík, South Iceland. The town not only provides the perfect spot to bear witness to mother nature, but it also has captivating basalt columns and black sand beaches. The basalt columns work magic in providing the light hunters with a unique and stunning backdrop.

Come evening, grab your camera and admire the aurora ripple colours in a breathtaking setting above the sparkling ocean ice.

While it’s likely that you can see the northern lights any time of the year, the most spectacular show happens from early April to mid-October. During this time, the skies are darker, presenting a remarkable contrast.

Other significant areas to catch the beauty of this mother nature light show are Yellowknife, Tromso and Fairbanks.

3. Discover the charm of the Amazon, Brazil

Known as the most extensive rainforest on the planet, the Amazon spans a staggering 6.9 million square kilometres.  This untamed and unforgettable wilderness hosts unique flora and fauna.

The Amazon is home to many species with diversity and scale that are unparalleled.

Let the chorus of the birdsongs guide you along the forest path as you commune with the monkeys swinging on the vines and the sloths slowly climbing. Don’t forget the jaguars, turtles, and snakes!

To vividly experience the Amazon, board a boat from Manaus heading to Encontro das Aguas (the points into which the Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes meet). From this point, join the boat tour and explore the captivating beauty in the heart of the rainforest.

In the Amazon, you can feel the pulse of nature as it provides life to its inhabitants through its essential ecosystem.

For nature lovers, the Amazon has a lot to offer. Enjoy some unusual and fascinating species like monkey brush vines, spaghetti passion flowers, and the kapok tree with its humongous roots.

And for the foodies, sample Brazilian multicultural inspired food. Moqueca is definitely worth a try.

From luxurious holidays to backpackers, the Amazon has something for everyone.

4. Explore the sleekness of New York City – USA

Sleek, charming and alluring, The Big Apple captures the magic of a cosmopolitan beauty.  Sitting in a strategic position where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Hudson River, it is so diverse that you can live in it for four lifetimes and still not explore all the amazing things in the city that never sleeps.

Regardless of your interest and budget, be it shopping, dancing, eating, theatre, art, indoor skydiving, painting or even massages to balance your body and mind, New York’s got you covered.

5. Take a Safari – Masai Mara, Kenya

Want to experience wild, untamed beauty and adventure? Add an African safari to your bucket list.

 From the expansive savannas to the big five, an African safari offers a lifetime experience and never disappoints. No wonder many travel enthusiasts crave an African safari.

Are you craving unique and intimate animal encounters? Masai Mara offers unparalleled bush experiences. Sleeping out in a campsite, gaze at the starry sky and listen to the sounds of lions roaring to take your safari to the next level. 

The African safari draws you back repeatedly and gives you a longing to return and explore more. Be warned, Africa can be very addictive.

Bottom Line

Want to get happier, disconnect and recharge, relieve your anxiety and stress, boost your creativity and become healthy? Well, add the above travel destinations to your bucket list.

That said, travel, especially to more remote places comes with risk. There are risks to your travel gear and risk of personal injury. You could get involved in an accident, get attacked by an animal, or get robbed and lose your travel documents. It is advisable to have emergency contact information for the country you are in, your local embassy’s emergency phone number,  and the contact of a personal injury lawyer who can advise you on the next steps to take in case of injury. However, do not let the risks deter you from going. Gather your travel gear and get going.

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