Know More About Playa Mambo Eco Cabanas, Tulum

Playa Mambo Eco Cabanas

Before Tulum was the “Williamsburg of Mexico” it was just a little hippie beach with a handful of palapa huts you could stay in for next-to-nothing per night. With all the fancy new boutique hotels going up at break neck speed, it may feel like that Tulum is long gone. But it’s not.

Playa Mambo is old school Tulum at its best. We had our wedding ceremony on the beach here, so it goes without saying that the sweet little hotel is very close to our hearts. And though it may not be fancy, it’s definitely charming. It’s located towards the southern end of the hotel strip, and has one of the most private feeling stretches of shorefront around. Its eight thatched-roof cabanas are breezy and simple with rustic wood furniture and mosquito-net covered beds. Many of the cabanas — even the ones that aren’t directly facing the beach — have ocean views. With its lush garden and plush sand pathways, it feels a little bit like a magical Smurf village. We’ve stayed in most of the Cabanaas, and they’re all unique and lovely in their own way, though the two-story “penthouse” facing the ocean is a particular favorite. Best of all, the rate to stay at Playa Mamno is old school Tulum at its best: around $100 a night, breakfast included. You can stay for awhile and also eat at Hartwood a bunch of times.

Room Services and Other Facilities of Playa Mambo Eco Cabanas, Tutum:

This seafront restaurant offers best room services. The room size is 21 square meters and it has attached bathrooms, work desk, air conditioning, cloths rack, hairdryer, shower, electronic safe, pillows, blanket, towels, toilet paper, bathrobe etc.  Every rooms of this hotel are clean and safe. Here are some facilities of this hotel:

Food and Drinks:

Playa Mambo Eco Cabanas provides delicious foods and drinks services. From restaurant you get various types of healthy foods with various dishes. The food preparation is so clean and healthy. Kid’s meals are also available here so that any baby’s parents face no problems. Those people who are on diet they need no tens as this hotel offers special diet meals.

Outdoors Activities and Sports:

This hotel offers you many outdoor activities and sports for its guests. Outdoor activities are badminton, archery, hiking, cricket, volleyball, baseball, rock climbing, cycling, car racing, horse riding etc. Snorkeling is favorable outdoor activities of many travelers. If you want to drive car then you must pay for renting car and also can use nearby beach to spend some times.

General Services:

Playa Mambo Eco Cabanas offers its customers some general services such luggage storages, concierge and ticket tour assistant. It also provides free parking car for the guests. You can use common areas of this hotel like terrace, public restrooms, reception, balcony terrace, and lawn.

Show You The Beauty Of The World:

The rustic style hotel shows you to view the beautiful garden and seafront. From the hotel’s balcony terrace you can able to watch the Caribbean sea front and the green dense jungle. This eco friendly hotel shows you the beauty of this place. Spending unforgettable moment here you feel spend time in paradise and you may want to visit here again with family or friends. Playa Mambo Eco Cabanas is little far away from Tulum Town and Aldea Zama so it becomes the heart of this place. You get fresh, clean and stylish rooms to relax when you are tired. In the early salty morning breathe from fresh air. Spend all day at the beach. Don’t miss any chances of traveling with family or friends. Just grab the chance and go out for explore unknown places.

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