Few Amazing Hotels In Italy To Stay

By on March 17, 2020

Of all the grand hotels that line the shores of Italy’s majestic Lake Como, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo might be the most enchanting. Like something straight out of cinema — Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel perhaps? — it is opulent, old world, and sort of surreal.

Some Of The Best Hotels In Italy

In Italy, one can found the traveling voucher on couponannie for a lot of luxurious hotels even the five-star hotels. Mostly people, who are come to this beautiful city, love to stay in luxurious hotels. Now I will provide a list of few amazing hotels in Italy to stay. Let us see the names of those hotels in below.

1. Grand Hotel, Tremezzo:

For three nights, I stayed in the historic Suite Aurelia and felt like a princess the entire time. The two-room suite is perched on the center of the hotel’s third floor and painted the prettiest shade of pale pink. It decorated with an ornate gilded headboard, yellow velvet chairs, and has two small balconies that overlook the lake. In the mornings, I’d crawl out of bed to pull back the heavy curtains and open the tall French doors and then get back under the sheets to watch the breeze from the Alps ripple across the deep blue water below. If you are looking for few an amazing hotels in Italy to stay then you can find this hotel in the top list. The lake seemed almost close enough to touch. If not for the hotel’s two wide dining terraces with their cool striped chairs and excellent Negronis, I never would have left my bed.

2. Hotel Belvedere, Italy:

This hotel is one of the gorgeous hotels of Italy. In the summer time, you can enjoy the best time within this hotel. It considered as one of best hotels in Italy coast and people are visiting this hotel in a Hugh number every year. The beautiful structure and rooms of this hotel is the main attraction for all the people. All the new Italian furnishing and modern amenities you will notice in this hotel.

3. Villa d’Este, Italy:

Within this luxurious hotel will find only 152 rooms. Almost of the facilities, one can found inside of this hotel from beauty spa to swimming pool. The terrace of this beautiful hotel extends to the lake. This hotel is one of the best hotels in Florence Italy.

4. Lefay Resort And Spa, Italy:

The hotel stands on 27 acres of ground. Beside of this hotel one can see the orange trees and complete natural scenery. You will see the lake from each room. The hotel is famous for its design and described as one of the best design hotels Italy. In all the season almost from every country or city people, come to this place to stay and want to experience some fresh memories.

5. Hotel Villa Arcadio, Italy:

One of the best luxurious hotels in Venice Italy is this arcadio hotel. The original artworks and paintings can visible within the hotel. The hotel has just 18 rooms and all the rooms have neutral colors. The chefs of this hotel prepare delicious dishes taking the ingredients from hotel’s vegetables and herb garden.

Good To Know

The hotel has three pools, including one that’s sort of moored on its own floating dock right on the lake next to a sandy beach. The hotel’s spa is pretty amazing, too; in addition to all the usual amenities — steam room, sauna — it has a “mediterranean room” that is sort of a cross between a dry and wet, plus a gorgeous white marble hammam. The hotel also offers little tours around the lake on its amazing vintage wooden boat with the very stylish Captain Giussepe at the helm.

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