Where To Drink In Tulum

Drink In Tulum

Not to state the obvious, but if you’re staring at the ocean with your feet in the sand, whatever you’re drinking is probably going to taste pretty amazing. Though you won’t have trouble finding a stellar margarita or an ice-cold beer at any of Tulum’s restaurants or hotels, there are a few spots whose drinks shouldn’t be missed.

The Tulum attracts beach-loving travelers to come again and again. Last few years this beach becomes one of the famous destinations for drinking. So there many resorts build for drinking. It is not true that just the beaches bring crowd, the main reason is the nightlife of the beach. Here are some best places to drink in tulum:

1. Gitano

Gitano rocks the Friday night with DJ spinning at 10 p.m, and the whole house spreading the smells of delicious cocktail, beer, whiskey etc. You may try mescal, guava, wild child, lime, bourbon floater cocktail with ice cube and it helps you to get quick relief on that humid night. The atmosphere of the club into jungle of midnight can thrill you. This relatively new spot is the place to go when you want a mezcal-fueled gypsy parties under a disco ball in the jungle.

2. Papaya Playa Project

This hotel’s beach club is pretty massive by Tulum standards — and is pretty fun too. Day by day this club becomes more popular for magical nights with cocktails, beers and it is the perfect place for trow an event for friends. DJs play most weekend nights, and there’s plenty of room to dance under the stars. The Caribbean Sea and the beautiful Tulum beach make this land amazing. The nightfall comes with music, dance and lots of enjoyments.

3. La Suerte De Coyote

The Luck of The Coyote is an intimate spot filled with candles at the end of the jungle road and built totally out of reclaimed wooden palettes. Though they offer a full menu, we like to stop by before dinner for a taste of hard-to-find mezcal and revel in the dreamy candle-lit vibe.

4. Todos Santos:

Todos Santos is the local favorite bar club in Tulum. This pace gives you relaxed and vibe welcome particularly at night with we-crafted cocktail and magical menus. This place is the popular bar among the other bar of this place. The melodious music with wine or beer can make your evening and it’s enough to spend here. The decoration of this bar is excellent to boot.

5. Batey:

If you are searching the best places to eat and drink in tulum then Batey is the best place for you. It is brightly painted old bar and was known as Beetle. The decoration of it is fantastic and the atmosphere make it traveler favorable. It provides healthy foods besides wine, beers, cocktail and other drinks. Batey pleased its guests with wealth of variation with foods.

6. La Zebra

The beach club’s Sunday night live music salsa party is legendary among locals and regular visitors alike. Though the space has been recently revamped to include a larger dance floor and beach bar, it still manages to feel intimate. The recently revamped drink menu includes hand-crafted cocktails made from local ingredients like Yucatan sugarcane and tropical fruits.

7. Terraza Nawal:

Last few years Terraza Nawal bar is gaining its popularity at the international spotlight and also mezcal brands and cocktails brands. The range and demand of cocktail and mezcal increase day by day. Here you get every type of brandy drinks.

8. Curandero:

Curandero is one of the best bars to drink in Tulum and the ethical minded bar hoppers will be delighted for getting it. From here every drink lovers get various types of drinks. It is better to visit Curandero bar when you need some enjoyments as it can reduce your all headache and pressure. It starts at 7pm and here you get amazing enjoyment with DJ music, cocktail and party with friends. It is the spots of going crazy. If you wanna visit in Tulum and enjoy with your friends then go above those bars where you can drink.

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