Best Puerto Rico Honeymoon Plan with Affordable Cost

By on January 13, 2022

The best honeymoon destination comes with great food, romantic locations, a good vibe, perfect weather, and fun activities. It should be an exciting, beautiful, and exotic place where you can make the best memories for your entire lifetime. With the infinite collection of activities, and the wide collection of admirable hotel accommodations, the island with Latin flair, Puerto Rico is one of the most perfect idealistic and romantic getaway destinations.  Puerto Rico Honeymoon places are famous for many purposes.

The island not only offers travelers the stifling setting with the diverse beaches twigging from each corner of the island but also has the beautiful town in San Juan which boasts the UNESCO world. In Puerto Rico honeymoon resorts and the side areas, you can also visit the Heritage district, battlements, ample nightlife places, colorful Art Deco, religious sites, restaurants, and shopping places.

Both English and Spanish are official languages and dollars are the local currency there. And the main thing is you don’t need any passports or visas to enter the island from the US. In this article, we will discuss all the information of Puerto Rico all inclusive honeymoon in detail.

What is a Puerto Rico Honeymoon?

Puerto Rico Honeymoon is also known as the island of fascination and is one of the best places in the United States. Additionally, you can enjoy the Caribbean waters, white sand beaches with the delightful blend of African, Caribbean, and Spanish culture. If you love to dance or music you can have the moment of salsa and you also enjoy shopping in the Caribbean’s largest mall, plaza las. There are also many beautiful places that are best for Puerto Rico honeymoon couples such as museums, rainforests, waterfalls, coqui frogs, EI Yunque, and so on. Therefore, the EI fortress was raised in the 16th century as a fortification against pirates and seafaring invaders. It’s one of the favorite destinations of Puerto Rico all inclusive honeymoon packages. However, it is one of the safest islands of the Caribbean and comparatively safe for travelers.

Is Puerto Rico good for a Honeymoon?

All the places have their own pros and cons. And Puerto Rico also has the question: is Puerto Rico good for a honeymoon?  So let’s check:


There are fairly some upsides that accompany planning Puerto Rico honeymoon packages. It’s budget-friendly, easily accessible, and offers a great collection of activities, along with abundance to pack your journey, despite what couples are into. In addition, there is no requirement for any passport or any kind of other currency further than the United States dollar.


The prospective cons of the Puerto Rico honeymoon are negligible and can probably be avoided along with appropriate planning. It has been knocked by many foremost hurricanes in a year, a reality that can cause chaos on the honeymoon plans. On behalf of this reason, one would like to evade planning a honeymoon from August to October, while hurricanes are mainly likely to knock the island. Furthermore, various parts of it can be dangerous for tourists, thus you will want to complete your research as well as follow safe and sound travel superlative practices whereas in Puerto Rico.

Why Puerto Rico Is Famous For?

Old San Juan:

Old San Juan is one of the best exploring sides of Puerto Rico honeymoon packages and every visitor enjoys this destination. Once the famous Spanish fortress, EL Morro protected the town from invaders. You can also do some shopping & spend your day with your partner by walking in the streets which are filled with greens, yellows and blue shades. Here you can get enough restaurants and colorful buildings to satiate every taste and enjoy every moment.      

Beautiful beaches:

Puerto Rico is full of the world’s most beautiful beaches and hundred miles of shoreline harbor and endless beach connoisseur. In this place, you can get all types of beaches with different forms, colors, and sizes. Here you can see pure white sandbanks of Isabela as well as black furious sands next to Punta Santiago. Most favorite beaches are Sun Bay, Balneario de Carolina, and Playa Flamenco.


Salsa is one of the most historic Caribbean music styles and super trendy in Puerto Rico. However, it is one of the national dances of Puerto Rico and the sexiest dance is known to boys and continues for engulfing couples. For those couples who want to make memories or love dancing; salsa will be the best Puerto Rico all inclusive honeymoon option.

Long walking with your partner:

There are so many people who have a dream to walk with their partner on the long broaden of pure white sand plus watching crystal blue water. However, Culebra can fulfill your dream as it is among the top 10 beaches throughout the world. It’s about 17 miles away from Puerto Rico. You can choose airlines or a ferry to visit the place from Fajardo.

National Rainforest:

National rainforest, EI Yunque is one of the greatest gems of Puerto Rico honeymoon places. The rainforest is located in the northeastern mountains of this Island. You can enjoy the trails, surrounding flora, its beauty, and the waterfalls here.  There are so many waterfalls but Mt. Britton is the most famous waterfall among all. You can also enjoy La Mina where couples love to swim.


If you love to do surfing then Rincon which is one of the most celebrated and visited spots of Puerto Rico is for you. Here you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets, quaint hotels, and private beaches.

Where should I Eat?


Who doesn’t want to taste the world-famous chef Jean Georges’s recipes? You can taste the fresh seafood, Caribbean spices, and tropical fruits. For a remarkable experience, you can go for the 6-course tasting menu which is served on the terrace.

Jose Enrique:

Puerto Rico honeymoon plans are incomplete without the namesake restaurant’s meal from the most famous chef of Puerto Rico. Don’t miss taking the signature dish of fish, paired with papaya and avocado salad.

Café Berlin:

Café Berlin is located near plaza colon and it is an expensive restaurant offering worldwide cuisine with too much vegetarian selection. Its notable dishes are strawberry banana, eggplant Milanese and coconut-tomato tofu.

Gallo Negro:

It is one of the famous Puerto Rico honeymoon hotels where you get another famous chef Maria’s special dishes with Turkish, Korean, Catalan, and Japanese blends.

La Factoria:

There is no perfect place for ending a night with your partner and dancing salsa in the popular music “Despacito” and La Factoria can give you all the essential moments.

Where should I Honeymoon in Puerto Rico?

There are so many Puerto Rico all inclusive honeymoon resorts or hotels where you can make your remarkable memories.

El San Juan resort:

El San Juan is one of the best Puerto Rico honeymoon resorts which is located in main Puerto Rico and famous for dancing and drinks. In this lobby, the blue, silver, and gold bars are one of the trendiest in the city among the martini sipping set. Club Brava and Chico Lounge pull towards you scads of after-dark revelers.

El Convento:

El Convento is one of the most former Carmelite hotels or convents in the city since 1651. Each and every suite and room within the yellow-hued hotel are separately decorated from where you can enjoy the views of the town’s namesake bay. This hotel also includes top-notch restaurants, a quaint courtyard, Jacuzzi, and a pool.

Serafina beach resort:

It is the first hotel among the Puerto Rico honeymoon hotels which has the trendiest owners from the NY eatery and offers the stylist stay in the busy Condado.  In this hotel, you can get the picture-perfect beachfront pool, whitewashed beach-chic interiors, and mouth-watering foods.

Hacienda tamarindo:

If you want a perfect and remarkable honeymoon on Vieques Island, Hacienda Tamarindo is the best for you. It offers seventeen well-organized rooms, each room decorated and designed by famous interior designers.

Dorado beach hotel:

If you want a hotel far away from the busy and crowded town and spend some time personally with your partner then Dorado beach hotel is for you. Here you will find yourself pushed away on the 50-acre estate and you can enjoy your own modest piece of paradise.

Puerto Rico Honeymoon Packages:

However, Puerto Rico honeymoon packages are not that cheap and not that much expensive. The common charge of a seven-day journey to Puerto Rico honeymoon place is $1,315 for a single traveler, $2,350 for couples, plus $4,425 for a circle of relatives of 4. The Island inns range from $46 to $205 in line with night time with a median of $79, even as maximum excursion leases will cost a hundred and sixty dollars to 480 dollars in line with night time for the whole home. Average global flight fees to Luis Munoz Marin International Airport are among $547 and $887 in line with man or woman for economic system flights and $1,716-2,780 for the first class. However, Depending on the activities, we advocate budgeting $35 to $75 in line with a man or woman in line for transportation and playing nearby restaurants.

Best Time To Go For Puerto Rico Honeymoon:

You can plan your Puerto Rico honeymoon at any time in the year but from April to June or springtime is the best time to plan for Puerto Rico. However, this is the most expensive and crowded season.

In winter from December to March you can see the bargains for hotel rooms. At that time you can enjoy some festivals in Puerto Rico.

Nochebuena is one of the most celebrated and traditional Christmas Eve which is celebrated in the month of January. This holiday season is continuing till the first week of January. On this occasion men provide gifts and it is the best occasion in Puerto Rico.

Therefore, we can say that Puerto Rico is the best place for traveling and you can make the trip any time of the year but in those special seasons you can enjoy their culture.

Puerto Rico’s Weather:

The island has a tropical environment with humid and hot weather throughout the year. In the period of May- October, you can see the rainfall when the temperature crosses its peak about 90 degrees. In the evening you can feel the cold weather as well. The interior is far away from beaches plus filled with rainforests and mountains can be approximately 10-12 degrees cooler than coastal areas.

During the months of August and October, the island faces hurricanes that are wet but not predominantly destructive. However, if you want to spend your time with your partner and make a memorable Puerto Rico honeymoon trip then winter is best for you.

Is Puerto Rico Honeymoon Good For Couples?

Puerto Rico is one of the Caribbean islands which is a perfect destination for couples expecting to enjoy a romantic getaway any time. Featuring a wealthy Latin culture, ancient elegance, plus laid-again charm, this un-incorporated U.S. territory is a super vacation spot for weekend getaways, romantic retreats, and honeymoons. Whether you are driving horseback at the seashore at sundown or getting to know the salsa dance together along with your partner, there are masses of factors to do on your journey to Puerto Rico on the way to make for the unforgettable and intimate excursion.

  • Things that couples do:
  • Nighttime trip
  • Horseback riding
  • Enjoy concerts
  • Enjoy the sunset
  • Day trip in Culebra
  • Waterfall

Is Puerto Rico Safe?

The island is relatively secure for visitors and also sports an inferior crime rate compared to other cities of the US country and one of the safest islands of the Caribbean. Maximum amounts of crime held in Puerto Rico for gang activity and drug trafficking which does not generally affect travelers.

However, the most common crimes happening on the island are robbery and pickpocketing which you can avoid by keeping all the important documents in the hotel vaults, avoiding wearing expensive jewelry, and visiting attractions and beaches during the day.

Before making the Puerto Rico honeymoon plan you must worry about whether more than criminality. From June to December, you can face the hurricane and in the month of September, it’s becoming risky.


Puerto Rico is one of the famous tourist places in the United States, especially for couples. Here you can spend your valuable time with your partner and do some activities and make remarkable memories. However, every place has some cons as well as pros and Puerto Rico is also one of them. But in the end, we can say that on the island you can fully enjoy the moments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. Puerto Rico is famous for which?

Ans: It is famous for Puerto Rico all inclusive honeymoon places and rainforests, beaches, salsa, and waterfalls.

Q. Do you need a passport to go to Puerto Rico?

Ans: You don’t need a passport from the US country region.

Q. What languages needed for the island?

Ans: There are two local languages such as Spanish and English.

Q. What is the local currency of Puerto Rico?

Ans: The dollar is the local currency of Puerto Rico.

Q. Is it safe to travel?

Ans: Yes, it is totally safe especially in the winter season. As in the summer season, there is a high risk of hurricanes.

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