The Shop at Maderas Village, Nicaragua

Maderas Village, Nicaragua

Maderas Village calls all modern travelers to explore the life of village and its beautiful scenery. It helps you to close with natural landscape and magnificent connection with nature.

Tucked off to one side of the main house at Maderas Village is a small room full of treasures. When sitting at the long table in the main dining room, or lounging in one of the wooden chairs out in the garden, the neatly arranged surfboards and brightly patterned blankets seem to beckon from their spots beyond the store’s open door. They lure you from afar, prompting you to abandon your eggs or your paperback and peek your head in for a closer look — even if it was only yesterday that you last swung by.

That’s not to say that the selection offered by the Maderas Village General Store is large. Not by any means. This is the kind of tightly curated offering that feels entirely personal, as if one of the staff members forgot to put their favorite belongings away or some well-traveled guest left a few lovely things behind. And in a way, that’s exactly what’s happened: Nearly every piece — from the pastel-colored Sabah slippers to the Union surfboards to the trio of hand woven bags that dangle from the wall — was created by friends of the village exclusively for its tiny store. And everything that wasn’t — wood cutting boards, woven towels, rustic bowls — was handcrafted in Nicaragua via the hotel’s sustainable manufacturing company itself.

Some Important Things You Should Know Before Visit In Maderas Village:

From this land you can enjoy to watch the beautiful jungle, landscaped ground and ocean. Mix with their culture, bohemian styles, coastal lifestyle etc. In this village you can celebrate birthday party, bachelor party, anniversary, treats, group gateway and other celebrations. Maderas village situated twenty miters distance from San Juan del Sur, Maderas village. It charged 100$ to 150$ per head and additional charged for party, foods and beverages.


This resort has twenty beautiful and airy rooms with separate bed so that 35 guests can accommodate here. The each building has multiple designs, multiple ranges for couple guests, single guests, and small groups of travelers. It offers open fresh air for living, views of jungle and ocean and what the guests want to celebrate they can do. Guests can use terrace, balcony for their yoga session. It has beautiful garden and open bedroom with suit washroom.

Indoor design:

As there is a jungle in this Maderas village so there are huge numbers of wood available for construction. It is very costly to maintain the unique colors, vibrancy that Nicaragua offers. And also more of the woods are sold for fire wood. But here few furniture makers make beautiful design furniture. Designing woods help to keep indoor beautiful of the resort.

These are pieces with stories, for sure — pieces you’ll want to turn over in your hands, give away, take home. But lest you find yourself in need of more mundane goods over the course of your stay, never fear: The General Store sells toothpaste, deodorant, and Q-tips as well.

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